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    What is 3Q?

    If it is the correspondence I think it is, Qualified = 3Q They want 7th semester transcripts from all qualified candidates to make sure you stay qualified.
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    Curveball/High-Pressure Interview?

    OP - you learned a valuable lesson: jackasses come in all shapes and sizes and often appear when you least expect them. There is a difference between the pressure felt from questioning to further an in depth discussion of a topic and questions of the "got ya" variety. The latter tend to be...
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    Admissions View

    First and foremost academically, admissions wants to determine if you can excel in a STEM program. If this is your first physics class, in my opinion it would be a bad idea not to take it, both from an admissions standpoint and preparation for USMA coursework. IF this is a second physics...
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    3Q plus Nom where does this put me?

    Only if you have information on the qualifications of the other nominees on your slate.
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    3Q plus Nom where does this put me?

    LOA's of other candidates on the slate have no impact on the non-LOA candidate. Only a Principal Nomination to another candidate on the slate would have that effect. USMA admissions will rank all candidates on the slate by WCS score. The highest score wins the slate, period. LOA's of lower...
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    Qualified, but CFA Scores not ideal

    WCS weights: Academic 60%; Leadership 30%; CFA 10%. A low passing CFA score is extremely unlikely to make the difference between getting and not getting an appointment. Reaching out to your RC for advice can't hurt. It would demonstrate interest, but I doubt the RC is going to authorize a...
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    usna nomination gone

    He got his 1st choice nom - USMA. He did not get the USNA nom. MOC policy was that no one gets a second nom until all other candidates get at least one. That is common among MOC's in districts with many candidates. It allows them to keep as many constituents as possible happy. Your status as...
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    usna nomination gone

    This happened to my DS. MOC office goofed. He had USMA as 1st choice and USNA as 2nd. Both nominations appeared in the respective portals, then USNA disappeared about 12 - 24 hours later. He had taken screenshots of both nominations, so we knew it was definitively there. It was a weekend so he...
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    Nomination Confusion/Recruited Athletes

    Having a recruited athlete in your district does not change your chances at all. Recruited athletes compete on the slate just the same as other candidates - highest WCS score wins. The number of available MOC slots does not limit the number that can be appointed from the district - complicated...
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    Army Football

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    Army Football

    Possible, yes. Likely, no. One of my plebe classmates walked on after being noticed for how dominating he was in intramural football - back when intramural was full pads, full contact. He ended up starting and being the best defensive player on the Corps Squad D-1 team. Sprint Football is a...
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    NWL ---> Acceptence when?

    Yes, you are correct. My point was just that if a candidate does not win one of those 700 or so appointments, the chances of appointment are less than it appears on the profile. Of course during the process no one knows when those 700+ have been determined.
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    NWL ---> Acceptence when?

    I'm not sure that would yield useful information, since many of those appointments are predetermined or not open to competition for most candidates. The discretionary appointments (Additional Appointees) are normally about 200 - 400 appointments and consist of a large number of recruited...
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    Candidate file closed

    It was posted on this forum a few years ago, but now shows as video unavailable. An officer (O-3/O-4) presents a file to the USNA admissions committee consisting of several officers of varying ranks (O-3 to O-6, as I recall), who then vote on the appointment/no appointment of the candidate by...
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    Low CFA but high academics

    WCS Points: CFA = 10% Academics = 60% Leadership = 30% While you want to get all the WCS points you can, passing the CFA is all you must have if you have strong academics and leadership. The CFA counts for so few WCS points that a low passing score is unlikely to be the deciding factor...
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    Candidate file closed

    Congratulations on your son's appointment to USNA. Some candidates receive appointment to all of their choices, while some do not. Each SA has its own criteria and competition varies by geography and other factors. As a former FFR, I know this - RC's are admissions officers and do not create...
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    Candidate file closed

    Not true. RC will reopen file - not at all unusual if the candidate demonstrates an interest in completing file. RC's do not decide who to reject or appoint.
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    Candidate file closed

    That notification usually means that the file has been closed due to lack of progress in completing the file. It is not unusual for candidates to to stop in the middle of the process and admissions assumes they have lost interest. A rejection letter (TWE) would be more specific. As suggested...
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    Field Force Interview

    It doesn't matter. Highest WCS score wins for most appointment categories, by law.
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    what's this about an interview?

    If the interview at SLE goes well, it counts as the required interview. If it does not go well, another interview will be done by an FFR. Sometimes an SLE interview does not go well due to the inexperience or unrealistic expectations of the cadet conducting the interview. Admissions is not...