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    Physical Question- Please help

    So we received a letter stating that we must be able to do one pull-up or 12 seconds on the flex arm hang on R-Day. Failure to do so can lead to possible dismissal. I have not worked out since my CFA in November because my sport went into season. So now I struggle to do even one! :( I am working...
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    TWE notice??

    If you receive a TWE, will your portal close?
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    Transferring From Civilian College

    Well you would just transfer. The positive about prep school is you have so much communication with the academies. Your advisors likely went to the academy, people come down from the academy to talk to you, and they have specific courses to help you improve. (Ie: sat prep class, pt every...
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    Transferring From Civilian College

    I highly suggest going to a prep school and joining their SAP(service academy prep) program. There's are places like Georgia Military College, New Mexico Military Institute, Marion Military Institute and I think there might be a couple more.
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    When does the second wave come out?

    my admissions officer told me today that majority offers will go out in 1-2 weeks
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    Most Competitive Districts

    What district are you in?
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    Chances of being accepted?

    I have received a 3Q'd letter about a month ago and the most recent thing my admissions advisor said was that they "are currently reviewing all files". I have not heard anything from my congressman either. Since I haven't heard anything from anyone does that mean the chances of me receiving an...
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    Congressional District

    Is there a way to find out if someone else has received an appointment in your district?
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    What does this letter mean? Is this a triple Q letter or a NWL letter?

    We have received all your application information and the Admissions Committee has qualified your file. West Point has eliminated rolling admissions for this cycle. As such, all qualified applicants are placed on a National Waiting List until appointments are made. Most appointments will be...