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    not selected

    You might get a callback, happened to me (still did not attend because I went to NASS). Being originally denied to SLE did not hurt my chances of getting in; in fact, I got an LOA in September of my senior year. Best wishes.
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    I was originally denied from USMA's SLE (got a callback but didn't attend because I went to NASS and girls state), I didn't even apply to USAFA's. With that being said, I got LOA's and appointments to both USMA and USAFA and didn't even finish my USNA app. I wouldn't overthink it too much. (I am...
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    Does it matter any more?

    Same thing happened to me last year! I got an LOA the same day I got home from the ACT, they don't care after the appointment or LOA. CONGRATS!
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    Black is perfectly normal here. All of my boot socks are either black (Fox Rivers) or green (issued).
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    Board Question

    Only once you have medical in.
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    Maybe! I probably know your son, especially if he goes to church or OCF because I'm friends with most of them :)
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    I actually tried out for the team and didn't make it... But I'm sure I have met your DS. The climbing team is awesome!! They are some of the best cadets.
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    Central Ohio, three people from my district got appointments (all from the same congressman).
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    Pull-ups. Literally. Get good at pull-ups, running, and push-ups. You will do all three almost every day (running for sure every single day).
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    Of course ;)
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    Learning to balance the crazy schedule. Between classes, duties, drill, working out, and finding time to relax, it can get a little crazy.
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    It was less than a month for me, given that I got my nomination officially at the end of December @cobaltfox
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    I'm a current plebe at USMA, and I am very open to taking any questions you all have. This site was very helpful for me last year. I will do all I can be to help others just as much.
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    Admission to West Point

    I'm in the class of 2020 (a plebe this year). I received my LOA on September 3rd, 2015 and received my appointment just before Christmas. You will get yours as long as you stay healthy and don't do anything stupid. It should come at the end of January at the latest.
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    Still No Grey Envelopes

    Just email or call your RC and they will send you more that day.
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    SLE Denial

    I was denied SLE at first, got a call back (but was already going to NASS and girls state), and then finished my application in August and received an LOA on September 3 this past year. Don't think too much into it!
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    Your portal will update soon! There is a long list of things to do, but it is quite manageable (immunizations, blood test, vision survey, teeth exam/x-rays, travel, points of contact, etc.)
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    Army waiver denial

    Did you apply to USMA or AROTC? This is the Air Force Academy thread...
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    How many spots left?

    Qualified Not Selected @AZBOY
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    EQIP interview

    I didn't have to have an interview after completing me e-qip and I've been out of the country on a cruise as well.