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    What to expect at this point?

    I am a freshmen at NC State and this is my first year applying to the CGA. Like a majority of the applicants I made myself as competitive as possible. I had a 1350 SAT (690 Math, 660 Reading) and my first semester gpa was a 3.81 (general first year engineering courses). I even spent a...
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    How to check status?

    Is there some type of portal that updates when a decision has been made on your application? Or do all notifications come through email now?
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    Competitive College Applicant

    I know these "chances" post are annoying, but the CGA does not really posts statistics for college students that were appointed. In high school I was 6th out of 370 with all honors/AP courses, did several ECs, varsity sports throughout the fall, spring, and winter, several volunteer hours...
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    Waivers for the Coast Guard academy

    I fail the DODMERB requirements for hearing and I am trying to find the branches I am eligible to commission in. I recently found out that the Navy or Marine Corps does not waive hearing loss for officers. I have been looking into the Coast Guard Academy and can't find a definitive answer to...
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    Freshmen in college applying to USCGA

    I am currently a midshipman (non-scholarship) at NC State university with an intended major in computer engineering. My current course load is Calculus 1, Chemistry 101 + 102 lab, Engineering 101, Music class for general education requirements, Naval Science 110, and English 101 for a total of...
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    I can't commission, should I stay in ROTC

    Here is some background information. I have had mild hearing loss since I was 5. At that age I was given hearing aids at and as I grew older, I wore them less and less. In high school I rarely wore them and still excelled in school. My senior year of high school I applied to the USNA and...
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    Do I need to choose my top 5 schools if I'm a reapplicant?

    This fall I will be a freshmen at NC State and a reapplicant for the NROTC scholarship. On the part of the application where you pick your top 5 schools, it says all applications must have 5 choices or else it won't be reviewed. Do I need to choose 5 schools and apply to all them even though I...
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    Reapplicant for NROTC advice?

    I am going to be a rising freshmen at NC State this school year. My senior year of high school I applied for the USNA and a NROTC scholarship, but unfortunately I was rejected from both. I was in several clubs, did sports all year round, volunteered countless hours and finished 6th in my class...
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    Reapplying for NROTC and USNA

    I am a senior in high school and was recently rejected from the Naval Academy. I was also not given an NROTC scholarship. However I do not want to give up on my dreams. I plan on attending NC State next year to study computer engineering. Does anyone know if I can join NROTC without a...
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    April first and still CPR!

    CPR from Suffolk, VA (district 4)
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    Dodmerb not working?

    Has anyone been able to access the dodmerb website recently? I can't seem to connect to the website.
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    Good, bad, or neutral news?

    I was medically disqualified for hearing loss and have been pending a waiver since late December. From what I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, the Naval Academy looks at applications in slates. Does that mean they look at all applications from a specific area or city? I recently talked to my...
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    Hearing Waivers?

    my dodmerb portal says "pending waiver review" and my USNA portal says "complete pending review" and "complete medical qualification exam"
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    Hearing Waivers?

    I completed my application and DODmerb around mid-December. However I failed the hearing exam - I've had minor hearing loss since I was about 5. It's not that big of an issue, as I have gotten great grades and excelled in school (ranked 6 of 331). My SATs were average- 1250 2 part 690 M, 560...
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    CFA Scores

    I did my CFA test on 12/18, here are my scores basketball-50 pull-ups-5 shuttle-9.05 push-ups-46 sit-ups-72 mile-6:10 I'm a runner so I'm good with my legs, but I'm weaker with my upper body. I did horrible on the pull-ups and a little below average in everything except the mile. I was...