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    Now What?

    ^^+1 to the work out comments. We have had a large percentage of freshman cadets with 3 year scholarships get bumped to 3.5 year scholarships. All had APFT scores near or at 300. Like Bull said, it does depend on your PMS. Strive for a 3.5+, 300 APFT, and you should be in good shape. Worst case...
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    AROTC Scholarship Third Round Waiters

    This message is aimed towards those of you still waiting: I was in the same position as you guys 3 years ago. I applied for a scholarship my senior year of high school and unfortunately never received one. I was pretty upset about it, but know that it is by no means the end of the road in your...
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    Is it better to start as an MS4 or Ms2? Good options here..

    Qualifier, While I cannot really give you any advice for your situation, as I am still pursuing my undergrad, I can tell you this: In my battalion we always have three or four MS5s per semester, mainly cadets with engineering degrees who need 4.5 years to complete their coursework. They do in...
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    AROTC Federal to GRFD Scholarship Suspension

    Jcleppe- Thanks! By flat out stop, I meant going from flying full time with the Army, to transitioning to the civilian sector, THEN starting to fly with him once I had some regularity in my life. I would likely still fly with the Guard and fly for him simultaneously if I went the guard route...
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    AROTC Federal to GRFD Scholarship Suspension

    My case is probably pretty rare, but my father is a helicopter pilot in the civilian world and owns his own helicopter business. I would likely meet the insurance requirements to start flying for him after a couple of years. The end objective is to take over his business, and it would be easier...
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    AROTC Federal to GRFD Scholarship Suspension

    I am currently in the process of applying for a flight school slot with the National Guard in my state. I cannot formally accept the slot (would be a breach of contract) unless I convert my scholarship. As a part of a career mentoring program through my university, I was paired with the...
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    AROTC Federal to GRFD Scholarship Suspension

    Hey Everyone, I am currently a contracted MSIII in an Army ROTC battalion. I received a 3 year federal scholarship the summer after my freshman year, but recently have become interested in converting it to a GRFD scholarship. I just heard that Cadet Command is no longer authorized to convert...
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    AROTC Scholarship Letter Is HERE!!!

    Clemson AROTC Congratulations on the scholarship! I hope you make the decision to accept the scholarship and attend Clemson. PM me if you have any questions about Clemson or Clemson Army ROTC. I am currently in the program there and would be happy to answer any you have.