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    USMA CBT Knife Suggestion

    Take a look at the Leatherman MUT.
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    Enlisted Navy to USMA

    You can also contact the Navy Liason Officer at USMA - MAJ Cameron - he may be able to assist you as well. You can find his contact info on the USMA website under DMI - Military Training Directory.
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    SA and 529 Fund tax planning

    Probably should consult your tax professional before changing ownership to you kids as that might trigger tax/penalty issues. You could just continue to hold the account and change beneficiaries as appropriate after the grandkids are born. As an aside, we used part of the 529 as a...
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    I just spoke to a CC yesterday who is having trouble getting USAA to recognize him as eligible for membership. This is the first time I've run across this. They've been super easy to work with, so I was surprised to hear this. Sounds like AirsoftRanger ran across the same thing. Anyone else...
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    Boxing Plebe Year

    I think the only plebes that swim are weak or non-swimmers - so called "rock swimming" - in prep for yearling survival swimming class.
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    FFR Interview - Next Steps

    Not sensitive at all. Just misinterpreted your post. Glad you put it in context for me.
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    FFR Interview - Next Steps

    Sorry to offend. Not a "new folk" and didn't intend to step on any toes. Certainly didn't intend to contradict anything said by buff81. Not that it should matter, but I'm a FFR also. Just adding my two cents - thought that's what this was all about.
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    FFR Interview - Next Steps

    Field Force Reps follow a consistent format in conducting interviews. The interview form is uploaded to the CC's file and becomes part of their admissions record. Additionally ongoing comments are added as necessary to the CC's file through the field force portal, typically after any contact...
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    Class of 2021 A day date?

    Anyone know when 2021's A Day is scheduled for?
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    Portal update?

    Does anyone know if the portal updates when an appointment is offered? Just wondering if it makes any sense to check it from time to time Sent using the Service Academy Forums® mobile app
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Looks like the BFE's are few and far between right now. USMA just sent out about 500 appointments - anyone heard anything about when/if USNA might do the same?