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    He is Risen

    Good morning all. For those who choose to celebrate the power and the enormity of this day - I wish you all a Happy Easter. Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out. I can't recall who wrote these words, nor where. But I think of...
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    Candidate Visit Weekend

    Good morning Pluto -- as usual a lot of genuine perspective being offered here. I will only add this: - Of all of the high value relationships I have been blessed with, the deepest, and most cherished seem to be with people I have addressed conflict with. I've got a ton of "acquaintances"; but...
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    There is a lot of healthy perspective on this thread. Dear SRB68 -- I realize this does not address your objective in posting...but one can't predict how paths sometimes inadvertently cross.... I am fortunate to work with some talented people in the T1D technology space. I sense you and your DS...
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    2021 Summer Stem

    Thank you PU2! Helpful insights and much appreciated. Enjoy the day!
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    2021 Summer Stem

    Hi all -- first, thank you to all who contribute to this valued forum. The genuine, heartfelt advice/perspective coupled with the well timed tongue and cheek humor is unrivaled -- especially from those who have great love for those who choose to serve. Again - thank you. I'd value any insight...
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    Envelope in mail

    Many thanks folks - the insights are very helpful. Have a great day.
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    Envelope in mail

    Hi all, A first-timer here. Both w/ respect to my posting as well as having a child about to gradudate high school. My DD received an envelope from USNA in the mail today. She is a rising senior, applied to NASS but was not accepted. I believe the NASS application is also considered step 1...