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    Signings LOI at civilian school for football

    Thank you to all responses! This is so stressful waiting for BFE and really does not want to commit anywhere, on paper or in his heart, until he knows, for sure, if his future will be at USNA. I fear with all the angst of waiting that he will "miss" some fine print especially with coaches...
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    Signings LOI at civilian school for football

    My DS is still waiting for BFE or TWE. Considering it is so late, he really needs to firm up his plan B, which is to accept one of several offers to play football for one of several civilian colleges/ universities. Does anybody know if he signs an LOI on April 1st ,final national signing day...
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    Norwich vs VMI

    My son is accepted to Norwich, in the corps of cadets and also a football recruit. He is currently waiting for notification on a hopeful appointment to the Naval Academy. In the interim, he needs to decide on his "plan B" in the event that he doesn't get that appointment. We/ he attended an...