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  1. LineInTheSand

    4/c at CGA. Ask any questions!

    Other cadets aren't great at judging schedules, but a cadets academic advisor and assistant registrars are good. The first year is pretty similar for most cadets... with some exceptions, but it really starts to split off 3/c year. Then you'll spend the rest of your life reliving nightmares of...
  2. LineInTheSand

    4 USAFA seniors may not graduate because of COVID shot mandate

    Kick 'em out if they can't follow orders. They'll spend the rest of their lives making up excused for people who either don't care or don't believe them. Heck, might even be a seat in North Carolina opening up they could run for...
  3. LineInTheSand

    About Coins

    I have some coins. It's all about the stories behind some of the coins.
  4. LineInTheSand

    West Point Cadets involved with Drugs on Spring Break

    Folks, don't do cocaine. Even on spring break.
  5. LineInTheSand

    USCG Pilot vs. USAF Pilot

    There are also direct commission aviators (DCAs) in the Coast Guard, but that would involve going into another branch, going to flight school, flying, applying to join the Coast Guard, probably taking a 1 or 2 pay grade cut, and then going to an appreciated OCS-like thing. I don't think people...
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    Best Company at USNA?

    Bravo Company.... oh USNA.....
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    First Salute At Commissioning Ceremony Questions

    Most important thing to remember is, if someone is walking toward you and you don't want to salute you start rapidly mumbling "no no no no".
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    Who would win between the branches?

    I can get behind this.
  9. LineInTheSand

    Who would win between the branches?

    Godzilla Alien Superman Darkseid
  10. LineInTheSand

    Who would win between the branches?

    Ah yes... but a liability to themselves....
  11. LineInTheSand

    Who would win between the branches?

    Coast Guard.
  12. LineInTheSand

    Underage Drinking

    Advice? Don't break laws. Other advice? If you do break laws, be honest about it when asked. Other other advice? If you're accepted to an academy, don't get alcohol incidents. That's a quick way to not graduate.
  13. LineInTheSand

    Titans-Saints Army flyover investigation

    Or the gondola fly-under that killed some people. Dumb move by the pilots here. Yes, it's cool to see. It's cool to see because nothing went wrong.
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    Five and Dive

    six and get off the pot.
  15. LineInTheSand

    Federalist Article by Former Cadet

    A freshman dropout? And "Federalist" not only gave her "ink" but also used her WP photo as her contributor photo? Well, they got their clicks... and I learned nothing.
  16. LineInTheSand

    Federalist Article by Former Cadet

    Always remember, the missions of the academies are to graduate the right people, not accept them. Along the way some of the deadweight has to be cut. I'm looking forward to the moment I can get by COVID booster, and when I see whiny service members commenting on not wanting to get a shot, I...
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    Bathroom Situation at USNA

    I should say my first coed bathroom experience (at Barnard College) was traumatic. The sounds I heard as I used the bathroom (which I had trouble using while hearing the sounds so I went silent) I will never forget. My experience up until that point had been spying a nice, flower-adorned female...
  18. LineInTheSand

    USSF - Space Force Uniforms

    They look a bit like Coast Guard maternity smocks. Fancy ones, yes, but .... nooooooo, thanks. I do like Space Force's insignia/badges, etc.
  19. LineInTheSand

    Gifts from Bear's Day

    I think the march at the CGA exchange at the school is better than the online stuff. I have my class reunion coming up and I plan to hit it up.