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    Active Duty to USMA

    Go For it. My son is at the Army Prep school now. One of his classmates is a 23 year old prior enlisted. Has done 2 tours of duty. Get your application in, there are a ton of things to be completed. Might be helpful to have someone working with you (parent) to help keep on top of your...
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    Will Vocational School Ruin My Chamces?

    Stay in High school regardless of a rough semester. Perseverance is a sign of character. Just do it.
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    Nomination for Current prep student to USAFA

    Yes Agreed with above 2 posts. Expected to apply, but not essential. Son at prep school, applied for all 3....received 1 nomination. He knows of kids that did not apply for any. It's a good effort to apply and interview. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a feather in the cap.
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    Will Vocational School Ruin My Chamces?

    EMMAB, follow your dreams. If you want to aim high you have time to make the most of your academics now. In many instances, (not all) people opt for vocational schools to get away from the very strict structure of high school. Vo-tech often has kids taking classes in the morning and gaining...
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    Nomination for Current prep student to USAFA

    I have heard that if you got a nomination last year and then got admitted to the Prep school, than you had to apply AGAIN for another nomination for this year. The nomination did not roll.
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    Maryland Nomination- Senator Cardin

    According to a post on Cardin's website, nomination notifications will go out the last week in January.
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    PS Offer... Need advice!

    Oh goodness, please don't turn down the prep school because you think it will not be challenging......Everyone gets their but kicked....regardless of your academics. No walk in the park for ANYONE.
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    Nomination for Current prep student to USAFA

    Yes, I also have a son at the Prep School (Army). He did not need an appointment last year prior to attending the Prep school. But now he is seeking one as he moves forward with his application for next year. We live in Md. and yes Sen. Cardin did have it posted on his website that no Prepster...
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    Nomination not on portal

    I notice that my sons portal indicates a green check for a nomination, but he has not gotten a letter indicating that he has a nomination. I don't want to be overly optimistic, but I think that letters of nominations MAY be sent to the Academy before some get letters. Anyone else have this happen?
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    And don't forget the CFA. A passing fitness test is crucial to acceptance.
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    Prep schools/Nominations

    My son is currently at Army Prep as a recruited athlete. Prep school was offered to him upfront. My husband went to Navy Prep as a non recruited athlete (40 years ago). It was offered to him at that time as his way in to the Academy. His grades and scores were good but maybe slightly less...
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    Maryland Nomination- Senator Cardin

    Am waiting as well to hear from Cardin and Cummings office. Disappointed nothing in mail today.