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    Shaved Head

    It really isn't. My DS had the head shave in July when he reported - yes he was surprised with the new look but overall it was no big deal; it was hot, you are busy, showers were quick and quick frankly it was easy to maintain - meaning no maintenance. When he arrived home at Christmas I was...
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    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    79) tigerpaw/ DS / 02-May-20 / Will Accept/ NC / Congressional / Direct Appointment
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    Who Is Still Waiting?

    DS received an appointment email today! I have not posted here but we were waiting as well. Just trying to soak in the moment!
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    Here we go March AFROTC

    He received an email.
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    Here we go March AFROTC

    DS was awarded Type 7 scholarship today. It was his second board.