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    Standards in Free Fall

    This is an anonymous forum. I am a grad and I hear all sorts of rumors about USAFA - good and bad. I have no direct information to suggest the OP doesn't have a valid viewpoint. However, it is a single datapoint. I am a firm believer in the pendulum in that it swings back and forth regarding...
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    Changes for incoming class of 2028?

    I would rate your response as: Fast Neat Average Friendly Good Good But recent grads don’t know what that means or what Form it would go
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    Mentor ALO

    T37IP answered your question. You might not like it, but he is correct. Focus on your package and qualifications. The ALO’s can be great informational sources, but their job is not to get you in or keep you out.
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    Finding Support at USAFA

    Sponsor families have to live within 'x' miles of USAFA to officially qualify. USNA has the same program and assume USMA does as well. It's a great program though not always a great match between family and cadet. Very common for one cadet to bring his/her 'friends' over to their sponsor and...
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    Changes for incoming class of 2028?

    Recognition has changed from March to May for decades. My sister was ‘83 - March recognition I was ‘87 - May recognition The only USAFA tradition is change
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    Hi It's Me

    Having officiated multiple sports of all ages including college - the younger the players, the worse the parents tend to be. The advice provided to me when I started (which has served me well) - eject the first idiot that says something you shouldn't have to hear. No warning, no 'I can take...
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    GI Bill and Medical Retirement from the Academy

    One more thought - if the USN medically retired you, your disability rating/payment from the VA will be tax free and will likely be more $ than you are receiving from being militarily retired. If you haven't applied for a disability rating from the VA - that should be high on your list (the...
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    GI Bill and Medical Retirement from the Academy

    I am about to accept a position with the federal civil service. I wanted to make certain I received 'credit' for my time at USAFA. I contacted the USAFA Registrars office and they sent me a letter including the following: (it took just a few hours from the request to receipt - they knew...
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    Changes for incoming class of 2028?

    The pendulum continues to swing. Things will ‘lighten’ up for a while until someone decides USAFA has grown soft and the pendulum will swing the other way. This is one of the few traditions USAFA has always maintained. I am in no way suggesting ‘hazing’ should be tolerated nor should efforts...
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    Will USNA get mad if you post a YouTube video about Summer Seminar?

    I would wager some upperclassmen might look at a social media post from an incoming plebe, but I doubt it’s all that frequent. For most upperclassmen they have other things to do. Though I do agree - there is nothing good that will come from posting the video.
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    Graduating high school early/ benefit?

    USNA will evaluate the package submitted. Academically, they will focus on the STEM type classes taken. They could potentially weigh the ACT/SAT more just like the CFA probably has more weight for non letterman than those with multiple varsity letters. If the can candidate is ‘young’ for the...
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    Laundry and dry cleaning services are provided and funds are taken from your pay. Mids have access to onsite laundry facilities and many do laundry at sponsors The ‘services’ provided are not always deemed to be the highest quality.
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    Medical Waiver Question

    Not a MD, not part of DoDMERB I would suggest you and your DD do some research on any limits a waiver might put on her career choices down the road. Again, I have no idea, but it's possible her USAF/USSF career options might be limited even with a waiver (which she might be fine with...
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    Varsity and CFA

    Upon the fields of friendly strife are sown the seeds that upon other fields on other days will bear the fruits of victory," McArthur My DS was home at Christmas one year and a friend was asking about physical fitness. DS mentioned boxing class. Her friend said ‘I take boxing class too.’...
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    USAFA Appointment Received! What Next?

    I think Capt MJ's point is there is no rush to accept/decline until the deadline. (USAFA won't withdraw it before the deadline). If USNA is your preferred school, there is no reason not to wait until you hear from them or the USAFA deadline has arrived. USAFA and USNA are made up of big boys...
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    I would guess that many schools provide the same types of academic support that a service academy provides. What service academies do that traditional schools do not - someone (and in reality multiple people) is actually monitoring the cadet/mid's progress and can mandate the cadet/mids...
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    Fully Qualified Question

    You can be 3Q and not receive an appointment - usually because for some reason(s) you don't rank high enough relative to those you are competing with for the appointment. Being 3Q is no guarantee of an appointment
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    Attempt to find my father's Coast Guard info We used this to obtain my father's records a few years ago.
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    Bergdahl court-martial conviction for Army desertion thrown out by federal judge

    Berghdahl should have never been allowed into the Army. The US Coast Guard had already washed him out ( ). It leaves a bitter taste that good men were killed and injured in attempts to find/rescue him and...