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    Admissions Interaction?

    This is ridiculous
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    Admissions Interaction?

    Yeah I think I’m gonna delete my account after reading this page.
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    Admissions Interaction?

    I mean come on. They can’t cater to every single perspective applicant. Once again...they can’t tickle everyone’s toes.
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    The Waiting Game...

    I did that last year and I haven’t broken the habit for this year. I finished my app in October last year and didn’t hear back until April 17th.
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    New procedure for appointments

    You either get in or you don’t. That’s really what it boils down to. Best of luck everyone!
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    Admissions Interaction?

    While I agree with most of the things the Christcorp has said...if people want their toes tickled by an academy or any college then let them be.
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Congrats! Would you mind sharing your DS’ stats?
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Maybe Insider could shed some light.
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    Early Action

    If candidates have completed their applications by November 1st, do they qualify for Early Action? Will they hear back in January/February?
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    Prep School Admissions

    What is the typical GPA and Test Scores of those who get offered admission to the Air Force Academy Prep School?
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    Appointee Stats

    Who cares if they are called stats or not. You know exactly what I meant. Thank you to the people who actually responded with what the thread was actually asking for. Not politically correct terms and trying to prove others wrong.
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    Appointee Stats

    I don't see anything wrong with it.
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    Appointee Stats

    Could some appointees post their full stats so I can see where I need to improve? Thanks.
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    End of the Line for USNA

    Seeing all of these TWE's is really discouraging especially after some really strong candidates received them. It definitely serves as a reality check.
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    Quitting an Activity listed on Updated Resume

    What do you mean by screening?
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    Can I take the CFA before my questionnaire is updated?

    I wasn't aware that USAFA started deeming people as competitive. I find this weird because I was accepted to Summer Seminar but it says my questionaire is pending review.
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    Session A

    Is anyone attending Session A for Summer Seminar?
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    USAFA Summer Seminar

    Has anyone who was waitlisted heard anything concerning their status changing yet?
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    USAFA Summer Seminar

    My mother and I believe I was waitlisted becuase I have already been to USAFA for a visit and I indicated that on my application. The goal of Summer Seminar is to give the Academy experience who havent been and or might not get the opportunity otherwise. Keep stuff like that in mind. Spots will...
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    SLE Acceptance

    1 hour after I applied.