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    NROTC sideload board updates....

    still waiting on my DD results who is waiting on a 3 year.
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    NROTC reapplicant question - officer interview/transcripts

    My DD is currently a freshman and is participating in the schools NROTC program as a non scholarship winner. She applied last year as a senior in high school and was turned down after the final board meeting. Her local Navy recruiter is telling her get all package done ASAP so it can be...
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    Netfocus Problem logging in

    Have not been able to get into Netfocus for a couple weeks now. Been trying from the house as well as the office using both Chrome and Internet Explorer. Has anyone logged in there recently. I'm trying to access -
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    NROTC final decision - how many are left waiting? how many left to be awarded?

    Chemical Engineering - Tier 1. She met with the NROTC Freshman Advisor LT two months ago during admitted students weekend. Will be calling him up in the next few days to discuss next steps.
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    NROTC final decision - how many are left waiting? how many left to be awarded?

    Unfortunately my DD did not get the NROTC scholarship. Her stats looked pretty competitive - 1420 SAT (720M/700v), 3.6 unweighted GPA, 4.6 WGPA, 9 AP classes, 4 years varsity letter in Swimming(Captain Senior Year). NHS, 500 volunteer hospital hours, PRT (68 crunches, 50 pushups and 7:30...
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    NROTC final decision - how many are left waiting? how many left to be awarded?

    Hello all. My DD has her app done since early Feb. Still has the "no decision" status. Post if you are still waiting to hear back. Does anyone know how many scholarships are left to be awarded? Is this "anyone" able to post the number up? Hoping for a big number left. Good luck to...
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    ACT test scores uploading problems?

    How did you upload them? Did you send them to the recruiter? Didn't realize that option existed. Once the application was submitted it didn't seem like you could go back and change/modify it.
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    ACT test scores uploading problems?

    My DD requested her scores from the ACT folks on 12/27 and they still haven't shown up yet in the Scholarship Selection/Placement System as of 1/17. Anyone else experience a similar problem. Thanks -
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    Memorizing Rates of the Day

    DS has expressed a similar issue with the rates. Having problems reciting them verbatim. Detailer(s) actually took reef points away from him until he learns the material This of course is tough to do since the material he needs is in the book. All this info from a recent letter in the mail...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    #14 SYDad - Accepted on 1/25!!! Go Navy! Beat Army
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    14)SYDad/DS/Jan 25 Appt & Accept - had LOA / PA-18 Congress Nom
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    Class of 2016 Service Assignment Numbers

    What specific area would the 15 that went into Medical do? Medical School?
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    First Post on the Forum - so here goes. My DS finished up application completely (Complete Pending Review) and now is waiting for the MOC interviews which should be taking place in the second week of November. Once the application is done, can you still receive a LOA or do you just "get in"...