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    Results came out for AROTC

    Hey guys, hang in there. My DS did not receive an offer until the 3rd board (3 yr) for Army and 4th board (4 yr) for Air Force. He ultimately chose USAFA and that was a late offer as well.
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    DoDmerb Astigmatism DQ

    Hey Swimmermama, That is good to hear that your son received a waiver for the astigmatism. I guess if they want you enough they will waiver anything. My oldest is at USAFA and his middle brother who is a Sophomore is interested, but his vision is pretty bad but correctable. He fits the other...
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    Running Shoes

    My son did have a pair of running shoes, however you will have a pair issued to you as well. He did not bring boots as you will have boots issued. He wore down the ones they gave him and I sent some comfy Nike ones after I Day.
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    AFA wifi service?

    My son is a freshman and he and his roommate split the cost for the higher speed. I think it's 50 a month or 25 each. I'll ask him today.
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    Boot Info

    He went up a half size. He's normally a 10, he got a 10.5. Again these Nike's are good for after basic just wear what they give you for basic since you will tear them up in basic.
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    Boot Info

    My son didn't bring boots to R day, I had them sent right after A day. This worked for us. He really likes the Nike boots.
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    I'm not sure if it's significant or not. Many candidates received their appointments in March. My son got his the first week of April last year, which seemed like the last big wave.
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    Paying for Initial Costs

    My DS is a 2020 and so far the only thing you can offset from being deducted is the book allowance. You can give your Cadet book Money which in turn they do not have to take the loan. Other than that the deductions are mandatory minus scholarships. I just put money in my cadets checking account
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    Class of 2017 Taking the Hill!

    Yes, my DS is a 2020 and he is busy decorating firsties rooms tonight, since they are all gone this weekend. Also, This means he is one step closer to recognition yay!
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    My son is class of 2020 and he did not prepare for the altitude and he was fine. He said it took about two weeks for everyone to get acclimated. The only thing he felt like he did not know about nor prepare for was the long jump on the AFT. He continues to struggle with that.
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    ACT help

    I took my son to Sylvan Learning Center and paid 1,000 and they guaranteed a 3 point cumulative growth. He went from a 27 to a 30. He is USAFA class of 2020. I say the money was worth it...
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    I will start by saying we are not in a very competitive congressional district for nominations. My son had a 29 ACT as well, super scored to 30. His Unweighted was 3.7 and his weighted was 5.3. He was captain for hockey and played lacrosse as well, also played on year long travel. Spanish club...
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    Your scores seem very similar to my son and he got in. As I am sure people have told you, really you are competing against the others in your district. If you have a competitive district that may not be enough, if you do not you probably are good.
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    Parents Weekend Football game

    If you are prior service, you can get a veteran discount using troop ID right from the website. We got first row near 50 yard line for 30 a ticket they were supposed to be 50.
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    Flight deals to/from Academy

    Are you asking where they are? I bought my parent weekend tickets and bct graduation airline tickets last week from Chicago ohare- Denver for $94 round trip so I guess it was less than $49 each way. I got it off Expedia, they are nonstop. Not sure if it's still available.
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    Flight deals to/from Academy

    From Chicago, I found $49 fares each way on Frontier. I thought that was good.
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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    121. Karen359-DS-4/8/16, portal update and MOC call/Congresswoman Kelly IL-2 (has already accepted USMA it did not look like USAFA was going to happen-not sure what he's going to do)
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    TWEs will be sent this week

    Basically after midnight meant letters from today haven't posted yet, I guess. But of course he will check after midnight. I do feel this whole process is mysterious.
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    TWEs will be sent this week

    My DS has not heard either and I was told to check portal after midnight tonight. Doesn't sound good but I could not tell by the persons voice either way.