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    Plebe computer hook-up today

    Thanks so much We haven't heard a word since PPW, so this is great news. Thanks for sharing!
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    Permit to Report!!

    Question-List of items to bring on I-Day I'll apologize for this question now, but I've begun to gather items for I-Day using the list provided in the PTR packet. The list says jockey style sons think these are the long style briefs that are called boxer briefs, but I'm thinking...
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    Permit to Report!!

    Permit to Report-Online This statement was online under the Dental portion, but I didn't see in the hard copy of the PTR package: "Please send a recent panoral xray for screening to the address provided within the Permit to Report pamphlet and the mailed package" Our health care plan...
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    Permit to Report!!

    Report time 9:15 a.m. report time--from Rhode Island also!
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    Permit to Report!!

    Permit Permit to Report Packages received here in New England!
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    Plan B?

    Inform the Plan B school I'm wondering if we should place a call with admissions at USNA and get their opinion
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    Plan B?

    Deposits We had to send in 2 deposits for my sons the other day as emergency backups for the USNA. It wasn't the cost of the deposits that bothered me, but both boys rec'd full scholarships, so I feel like we are taking money away from others. The baseball coach from that college is also...
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    USNA I-day Countdown

    What is CABS? Did anyone receive the Permit to Report forms yet? I've read some posts about people accessing the CABS system, but the directions say that one should have received the Permit first. Anyone have any info?
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    IRS question

    Thanks all Great info...good thing we're paying a bundle and 1/2 for my daughter's college education, so we'll still have her as a dependent, right through medical school! Thanks for the info.
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    IRS question

    I never thought of this before, and someone at work asked me the other day. Can my husband and I still claim my sons as dependents even though they will be at USNA starting on July 1? It seems as though we still provide support/financial etc., so it never crossed my mind. Thanks for any info.
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    Son was lifting weights in the garage. I checked the mail and came walking up with a

    TWINS I'm the mother of the twins (boys) who are both going to USNA!! We officially (and very sadly) notified the USCGA immediately once the boys decided to accept their appointments to USNA. It was so difficult to send in the declination letter after stalking the mailman daily for months. AIM...
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    Mid-April Package- Glasses

    Could someone please tell me about the eyeglass form that needs to be submitted before I-Day? I want to make sure that I get a timely appt. with eye doctor so that the form can be submitted on time. Son hardly ever uses eye glasses (only contacts) , so he would need a new exam for an eye glass...
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    Mr. Mullen and DODMERB FAN CLUB!

    Count me in too! Mr. Mullen is amazing!!! I would love to get in on the card/ lobsters, or whatever to show my appreciation. :thumb:Please count me in!
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    The package has arrived!

    Congrats CONGRATULATIONS!!! My son rec'd his appointment packet (blue folder) yesterday in mail. Other son has a conditional appt, and is waiting on a waiver (or should I say praying on the waiver). Anyway....we are celebrating with one son, and waiting anxiously with the other, holding our...
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    Waiver Denied (USMMA)????

    Don't give up USMMA is awesome and really worked with my son to get his waiver. They are wonderful there in admissions, and I'm sure that they'll help you to overturn this. I was recently contacted by a person who was denied his waiver request 3 times, before eventually receiving it. Good...
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    Principal nomination, tripler Q= appointment?

    Clarification So Princ. Nom with 3Q could still mean a NAPS offer and not an appointment? Didn't really think of that scenario, so I'll be interested to hear from others if this is confirmed, or if I am reading it wrong.
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    Waiver Granted!!!!!

    Wow congratulations!!!! My son is waiting for a vision waiver (not color) you gave us some def. hope. We are so happy for you!!! CONGRATS!!
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    Waiver Granted!!!!!

    Waiting for waiver also My sons has a Principle Nom and found the waiver is our last hurdle. Honestly, we have just about everyone praying for son, including everyone at his school and our community! He was waived at one SA, so we're hopeful ?...... I've been in touch with Mr...
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    Vision standards cga vs. usna

    sorry-misread They 'consider' 20-24 cases per year. Wondering how many eye waivers are actually granted.
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    Vision standards cga vs. usna

    Vision not correctable to 20/20? If they(USNA) give 20-24 color def. waivers per year, does anyone know how many waivers they grant for not correcting to 20/20? Read there is a limit, but just curious how many or how often.