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    Is there a chance?

    I have just accepted a foundation scholarship. Is there still a chance that after the initial appointments are accepted and if they still have room will they extend offers to NAPS and foundation kids? If so will NAPS kids be considered first?
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    When will I know?

    My USMMA application and nomination have been fished for about 2 months. On my portal it says my status is "hold". What does this mean, and when will I know if I've gotten in or not? Thank you, Kode4
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    What to do?

    Thanks everyone for the input! I plan on doing a lot more research on the foundation as well as my options through NROTC. My ultimate goal is to become a pilot, I'm not adamant about going to an academy, but I want to do what will get me to my goal. Will turing 4 years or school into 5 by going...
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    What to do?

    I received a call today that I was selected for a Naval Academy Foundation Scholarship. Currently I have received a full NROTC Scholarship to SDSU and I am still waiting to here back from the USMMA. Am I out completely for an Appointment to the USNA? Is the foundation a good option or should I...