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    Deja Vu

    Absolutely! My DS received his appointment his second go-around. Good luck!
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    Class of 2021 PTR Packet

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    Doing NROTC before the academy

    Yes, you should apply for both. My DS' first choice was USNA but as his plan B he applied for the NROTC scholarship. Unfortunately he didn't receive an appointment to USNA last year but did receive the NROTC scholarship. He reapplied to USNA this year and did receive an appointment. Good luck!
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    PPW question

    Good luck!
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    Facebook page for class of 2021

    Congratulations! It's USNA 2021 BLB Parents. If you just visit it someone will contact you back to invite you.
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    New round of TWE?

    My DS received his TWE via email this morning before school. I'm not sure how he is able to concentrate at school today; I broke down at work. He's got plans B, C & D; but I do know that he's already stating preliminary application for class of 2021! Best of luck to all of you still in the...
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    USAFA Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    Darling Son / Darling Daughter
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    Wait listed

    My DS is still CPR. Trying to stay positive.
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    April first and still CPR!

    DS still on island in PHX, AZ
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    MOC call today

    Congrats! My DS received his appointment via his portal yesterday and also received the documents via FedEx yesterday.
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    I understand kids have earned their appointments to multiple SA's and its their choice to wait to accept one until they have weighed all of their options, but this is making the wait so much longer for my DS and others waiting. He has nominations for three SA's is 3'qd. He has plan B,C and D in...
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    Permanent Retainer?

    Same here. My DS has them and passed all medical tests.
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    Founders Day

    Congratulations to your DD Roxane.
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    Founders Day

    Thanks for the information. Roxane, did your DD receive an appointment before or after attesting the event?
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    Founders Day

    My DS received an invitation to West Point Founders Day. He has not yet received an appointment but I am wondering if this invitation is a good thing or indifferent. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    Got the Call!

    Congratulations! Best of luck to you.
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    2 Marine Helicopters collide off Oahu

    Prayers for all involved.