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    Nomination Dilemma

    Yes, that's basically the whole point. My goal IS to serve- that would be one reason to want to attend an academy. It doesn't matter really what branch to me as long as I am serving. That's why I am applying to all three. That being said, I think the army is the best fit but if it doesn't work...
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    Nomination Dilemma

    So West Point is my first choice, but if I can't get in then I want to go to USNA or USAFA. My congressman and senators make you pick one academy to apply for the nomination. Should I spread out the nominations and ask each of the three people for a different academy? Or should I put USMA as my...
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    When to expect application open?

    Hi guys So I attended Summer Seminar and then after coming home submitted my preliminary I think it's called Shortly after I received a letter PDF on my portal that said this- Congratulations! Your application to the Air Force Academy indicates you have the potential for admission. We'll be...