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    Exterminators, Rats, and Bancroft

    Last year my DS and his roommates caught 4 in one week. He said they sent two to dive school (flushed them) and two to flight school (tossed them out the window).
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    ugh... loosing hope

    My son had a very similar resume to that of your son. For what it’s worth, three years ago he was waitlisted for GT but received an appointment to USNA near the end of January. He’s loved it ever since. There’s still plenty of time to receive an appointment. No need to get nervous yet.
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    Annapolis Restaurants/Where To Eat 2016/ I-Day CVW Visit Graduation PPW

    I haven't seen Yellowfin listed. Great food and great views on the scenic South River just south of DTA.
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    Herndon 2016

    Does anyone know if there will be a live stream of today's Herndon climb?
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    USNA Majors

    Plebes are selecting their majors this week. They must list their top three choices.
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    Glee Club

    My DS is a current plebe and made the Men's Glee Club this year. They try out during Plebe Summer and he found out he made it during our visit for PPW. I believe they took 5 plebes in each voice range (bass, tenor, etc) for 20 plebes total. Total choir size is about 80. Don't know how many...
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    How were you notified of your MOC Nom?

    Last year my DS received Congressional noms from both our senator and representative, both of which notified him by mail. When he got a phone call from the MOC office a month later it was to inform him he had received an appointment. So, hopefully you're in for some good news.
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    Possible to get recruited for a sport I've never played?

    My DS is a current plebe and was a walk-on to the LW crew this year. Having never rowed before, he was not a recruited athlete. However, he did get a letter from the coach prior to I-Day that said something like "based on your height and weight, you look like a good candidate for the crew...
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    Overnight Visit

    Thanks for the feedback. DS went to NASS, so we'll likely just do the general tour to make sure he's sure about his choice. DS knows several current mids and texts with them frequently. Maybe will try to meet with them face-to-face if they have a few minutes.
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    Overnight Visit

    Our DS has received an appointment for the C/O 19 and is 95% sure he is going to accept it. However, before he signs on the dotted line, we plan to visit the USNA over Spring Break. Is it possible for incoming plebes to do an overnight stay that will allow them to get an "insider's look"...
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    59. Proud Parents c/o 19 (DS), 06 Feb 2015, AL-06, Congressional Nom