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    New GoArmyEd procedures for Scholarship Payments

    When it says Tuition and Fees - Flat Rate on the CPR what does that mean? In comparison to just Tuition and Fees?
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    PMS experienced based observations used in National OML calculations

    Thanks to both of you. I found a little better power point with some more data:
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    PMS experienced based observations used in National OML calculations

    According to the 2016 OML guidelines PMS Experience based observations account for 25% of the score evaluated after the junior year. Does anyone know specifically how the PMS calculations are made such as number of points for each attribute or is it more subjective based on the PMS...
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    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    Does anyone know when Go Army Ed opens to select Fall-2017 tuition and fees or room and board? Or is it already open? Does it open after this semester is complete? Thanks in advance.
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    Uploading 104-R and creating Course Planner in GoArmyEd

    How do you delete the old 104R on GoArmyEd? I have the new and approved 104R loaded. Thanks!
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    Uploading 104-R and creating Course Planner in GoArmyEd

    Thanks Jcc 123
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    Uploading 104-R and creating Course Planner in GoArmyEd

    Does the 104-R have to match exactly as long as there is no major change? For instance, my DS has a course listed for this sping but now the University is not offering the class until Fall 2017. Is it ok to switch a class because of this or is Fort Knox going to have a problem with this? Thanks
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    PT at Ciet?

    My DS was paid $846, too. He contacted Fort Knox and you must complete a 1351-2 travel voucher for per diem travel pay and incidentals. There is no 5 day window per Fort Knox. (The 5 day window is for actual receipts turned in to his HRA which he did but not the 1351-2) Then submit the...
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    PT at Ciet?

    My DS was paid for CIET (1st regiment) but he hasn't been paid for his travel days and incidentals as he is a 4 year winner and contracted and it stated the exact amounts in his travel plan. Does anyone have a guess when that is paid or should he follow up with Fort Knox? Thanks.
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    CIET -Orders

    Like momof1 my DS is also attending the CIET 1st regiment that begins with check in Friday night. All he received was a travel itinerary from the Army HRA at his school via email and a packing list which was approved and signed off by him and his PMS at school. His HRA was under the impression...
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    CIET - No MSI's going in my BN

    MY DS is a MSI and he was accepted to CIET this summer. But before he was chosen he was worried because his LTC told him spots for MS 1 s were rare this year. Good luck to all. DJA Proud Father of DS 4 year AROTC Scholarship Winner to Citadel and 2 other universities
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    How does AROTC 4-yr rate vs Academies?

    Falcon A, I agree with everything you referenced. Last year I read somewhere AROTC 4 year winners averaged 29 on the ACT which was actually higher than the WP average. Now if I could only recall where I read that! But, that makes sense since the average AROTC scholarship winner averaged 27 and...
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    Which branch is "less" competitive for scholarship?

    Falcon A -In 2014 there were approximately 12-13,000 applications (one who started an application) according to the AROTC (see below.) So if 8-9k actually complete a file as referenced above, then perhaps UNG really means after ranking by OML 4k are seriously reviewed by the board and 2500...
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    Which branch is "less" competitive for scholarship?

    Most recent information on AROTC scholarships from UNG if you apply in the fall: What are my chances of getting the Army ROTC Scholarship? It depends. Army Cadet Command looks at...
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    Use CFA from service academy?

    Yes, you can for AROTC as my DS did last year and was awarded a 4 year scholarship. He was told by Fort Knox they take the USMA CFA scores and convert/prorate to the AROTC measurements. So as long as your CFA scores are very good you are fine to use it but I would confirm with Fort Knox before...
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    Do I have a low ACT score? (How can I improve?)

    Average Composite ACT scores. Looks like Ga Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, and Michigan all have about the same composite scores averaging about a 30 ACT for the midpoint. Tech obviously has higher math aptitude students while Michigan is a bit higher than UNC in math scores but lower in English ACT...
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    ACT and PT

    The reality is the ACT/SAT scores have gotten more competitive in the last 2-3 years where now the average AROTC ACT/SAT score is higher than USMA. Four years ago this wasn' t the case. I went back and analyzed the scores for both and USMA scores have dropped while the AROTC 4 year winner...
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    ACT and PT

    The average ACT score last year for 4 year AROTC scholarship winners was 29 which was higher than the USMA average. Just an FYI. You could always try again in October and still get the scores in plenty of time for the 2nd board out of 2.
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    AROTC Major switching

    I wonder if there is a difference in the 4 year v 3 year scholarship on whether one can change the major?
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    AROTC Scholarship Competiveness

    Some recent statistics for the 2015 AROTC scholarship winners for the 2019 graduating class. Remember, these include 3 and 4 year winners. The 4 year winners average was quite a bit higher than this and around a 29 on the ACT and 1290 on the SAT. That's higher than USMA whose 2019 class was 28...