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    Waiting For Living Allowance AROTC

    I'm a MS-1 AROTC Cadet who contracted on 7 September. I'm waiting on my first living allowance and my reimbursement for my first semester books. I've heard it takes 2-3 weeks, and the three week mark has passed. I've also heard it wont clear the bank for 45 days. Does anyone know when I should...
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    Likelihood of receiving Army ROTC 4-years.

    I'm a senior who received a four year scholarship during the second selection board that was held this past January. Most people told me for sure that because of the cost of my school of choice (Campbell University), it was extremely unlikely I would get a four year if I got a scholarship at...
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    Remedial Requested

    Thanks everyone, it was just an insect sting questionnaire to be returned in the mail.
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    Remedial Requested

    Today, my medical status in my DODMERB portal changed from "Under Review" to "Remedial Requested". It doesn't say what the remedial is for, or what I need to do to care of it. Does anybody know how this works?
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    I what?

    Already been all over that, mainly on push-ups improvement!
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    I what?

    Will they e-mail the address that I used in my ROTC application portal?
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    I what?

    I won a four year AROTC scholarship, accepted it to the school of my choice, and now I'm trying to move on to the next step in the process. When does that medical exam information come? Do I need to schedule it? Does Cadet Command do it?
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    4-year AROTC to Campbell Univeristy-admissions and offer accepted.
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    Have any second round winners received there information packet from DOBMERB yet?
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    AROTC Acceptance or Denial Form

    I sent in my acceptance form to the cadet command e-mail address provided in the winner letter. Should I be expecting a reply confirming that they received it? I almost feel like it would be smart to mail it as well just to be safe.
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    Appointment Scheduling

    I received my scholarship package in the mail today! I am very excited, and I know that my next steps are DODMERB clearance and passing the APFT. I like to get things done as fast as possible. I know that Cadet Command sends a DODMERB packet in the mail, however I have heard that the appointment...
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    APFT for AROTC Scholarship Winner

    Thank you Jcleppe for the information!
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    APFT for AROTC Scholarship Winner

    I am a second round 4-year AROTC scholarship winner! I have heard that when you show up to campus, you have to take an APFT and score a 60 in each event or your scholarship will be forfeited. Is this true? I am weak in push-ups, so this makes me a little nervous.
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    Still Waiting!

    I am "boarded" still. Have all of the AROTC first board scholarships been give out already?