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    Mention MidSib in NASS Personal Statement or Not?

    The prompt asks in part, Why you are interesting in NASS? For my second DD, her sister being a Mid has given her insight as to why she wants to attend, (along with many other reasons). Do you think she should include the fact her sister is attending in her essay? Your opinions are appreciated TIA
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    Columbus Day - Plebe leaving The Yard?

    I saw there are no classes Columbus Day. Will Plebes be able to leave The Yard for lunch etc.? Curious what liberty looks like for upper class Mids on holiday weekends, as well. Are upper class Mids given overnight leave on Sunday of holiday weekends? Thanks!
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    Obtaining NASS CFA Scores

    My DD attended NASS this summer. She was pleased with her CFA results, so she was planning to use those results, to continue her application process at the other Academies, while she worked to improve it. She has been informed the window to request her results is two days, which she...