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    Validating of some Physical requirements

    Yes if you validate them, then you get those periods free and can do what you would like to with the time. It would just be the periods that you would have to go to gym that you could have off normally 2 peroids in a row. Gym is only 8 lessons long, so for most of the semester you have these...
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    Validating of some Physical requirements

    At the Academy there are a few PE classes that you can validate. Swimming and water haze are one of the ones that you can. On your first class they have you take a swim test, normally timed and I am not sure on the distance. If you complete it under the required time, you validate and get an A...
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    I am not trying to convey a sense of false hope to candidates all I am trying to do is show other students that there is a chance. If I had given up each time I was told that I was not competitive enough for the Academy then I would never have known if I could have made it or not. By not giving...
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    I appreciate you congratulating me, but my package is not the amazing, I am the type of person who gives other students who feel that they are not competitive a chance. I was not top 10% of my class, I did not have a varsity letter in any sport, and my grades were alright with a weighted GPA of...
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    I think that the academies are looking for a well rounded person, so SAT scores are not the only thing that is looked at. It all depends because with 550/550 I received a Vice Presidential nomination so I didn't get some small town nomination, I was going against the nation pretty much. Yes they...
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    You can never take it to many times and it is hard to say what score is good enough. I got accepted straight out of high school and my scores were pretty low, many would say that I shouldn't have been accepted. I received a 550 on verbal and a 550 on the math section. I would take the test as...
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    speeding ticket

    I wish I could give you a better answer, but I am not sure about how much it will affect you. I received a speeding ticket at the beginning of winter break and all that happened to me was that I had to inform my AOC and he had me brief the squad about what to do when you make contact with law...
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    Summer Seminar

    You will apply to the summer seminar around April of your Junior year in high school I believe. I am not sure on the exact date, but the academy web site should have that answer. I applied and was accepted to summer seminar in 2004 and they said that about half the people who attended also...
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    "Not Competitive" Letter

    I wouldn't give up yet. I would have your son call and see what they say, to get a more informative answer. It could have been that paper work got lost in the mail or something of that sort. Even if they say he is not competitive right now, keep sending in different things showing them what he...