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    Delaying AROTC scholarship until Spring semester?

    Is it possible to ask the powers at be for the Falcon program to switch to a full year school like MMI?
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    campus tour in summer

    It is very important to do an official tour at the Air Force Academy because the cadet area is closed off to the public. It is all gated and you cannot simply walk around like you can at the other Academies. You will be able to see the athletic facilities and fields… however the academic...
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    How do things work?

    He should have a “sponsor” for his gaining unit. Some are great and some end up being MiA. Primarily they will help get him checked into his building with a badge and will possibly help him get a work computer, etc. He will need to find housing himself and may be able to stay at the on base...
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    USNA Class of 2028 Waiting and Speculating

    Just remember they are also probably fighting the computer program that is new. In our family’s 20+ years of military experience… any time new software is brought online it is a dumpster fire. Just look how the FAFSA rollout has gone! Miscommunication between different systems, dumping of...
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    Which path would be best if I want to become an aerospace engineer and pilot, yet be a part of the air force?

    Just so you are aware… just because you get an engineering degree at an academy/ROTC there is a very good chance you will NOT do any engineering in your actual military job. You should pursue the service that you would be content in if you don’t get your first choice of job assignment. It will...
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    Changing Providers for DoD MERB Exam

    You will not be able to see your doctor for the medical exam. You will be assigned to a doctor for the exam, as well as for vision and hearing.
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    Changing Drivers license, car plates/ registration/ insurance in each PCS/ TDY move, or not? Thoughts?

    While you are active duty you can keep your home of record plates the entire time. You will find a very large majority have tags from income tax free states. You just need to keep your tags up to date. Be sure that wherever you move you do your due diligence to ensure you have any local required...
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    Appointment Thoughts/FAFSA Delay

    I seriously doubt there will be any changes in dates for the Academies. When my husband was on staff at the USAFA they had a giant calendar already laid out for the entire year. So much scheduling and to change anything on the schedule was really challenging. I can’t imagine they would be...
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    A move to Colorado Springs

    As a military BRAT, military spouse, and soon to be military mom… I have a little insight. I beg you NOT to do this. It is vital that each person that goes into the military chooses it themselves. Because there will be big challenges, enormous stressful situations, and vital trainings where the...
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    USNA- appointed class 2028 BFE received?

    That is so nice of him to wait until he is with you to press accept. I know how amazing it was to watch our DS do it in person. Yes, he did indeed accept. As a military family for many years… we know that some things/people can fall through the cracks If they don’t check on things… hence just...
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    USNA- appointed class 2028 BFE received?

    DS got his today! Very thankful and was also surprised with the “flyer” on the left side. I might try and find a cool lithograph to place over it.
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    Candidate Visitation Weekend

    It is an incredible opportunity and I highly recommend going if you can! DS said seeing what real life is like as a midshipman was so valuable. He was paired with a very nice plebe and went to classes, sports practice (crew), and everything. At the end of the weekend he knew could see himself...
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    USNA- appointed class 2028 BFE received?

    Ds got his mid-January. I have not updated the list yet.
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    USNA- appointed class 2028 BFE received?

    Has anyone that has been appointed to the Naval Academy for the class of 2028… received their BFE yet? I heard the presentation folders were being redesigned but I am not sure if that is true.
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    Waning enthusiasm for USAFA - advice?

    I encouraged mine to go through the application process (they had shown interest for years) so it could be an option later… as it is not a school you can crank out an application at the last minute. A candidate weekend was also what really sealed the deal… and took away a lot of the nerves about...
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    Contact Sport Senior Year?

    Our lacrosse player is playing their senior season. He realizes that it is most likely his last year playing and he enjoys it. Granted, he also has a little bit less of a risk as a defensive player. We have asked him to never play through pain… and to consider not playing a specific team that...
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    Do kids matching for NROTC at super competitive universities generally get accepted to those schools?

    DS got into a highly competitive school this year before he even met the board for NROTC. He was recently awarded the scholarship as well to that highly competitive school as it was his number 1 choice. He was never told that interest in ROTC would help with admissions.
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    Chances with 3 nominations

    DS is still waiting too… he currently has 4 noms and already has an appointment in hand from West Point.