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    CHANCE ME! College Re-Applicant, Low GPA, Heavy ECs, Jail time, Built Businesses, list goes on.

    Keep in mind that there might be admissions people who view these forums.... Instead of asking for people to give you their opinions, just finish your application and apply. Not many people can 'chance' you. If you get in, good for you. If not, you probably know why you did not make it.
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    Words From a Plebe (Sorry, Kind of Long)

    On the CFA, I got average on everything. Second semester of my senior year in high school, I kind of let myself go. On the first APFT during Beast, I think I got around 45 push ups, 55 sit ups, and 14:30 two mile. I got 11 or 12 pull ups on R-Day. Going in, I wasn't in the best shape. Beast...
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    Words From a Plebe (Sorry, Kind of Long)

    As the title says, I'm a plebe right now. I just finished my final exams (aka Term End Exams or TEEs). Plebe year is almost over and only have a little over 1 week left until graduation for the class of 2016. Since the year is almost over, I started reflecting on the past year and felt that I...
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    I'm a plebe who is about to get recognized. Ask Me Anything.

    I am a current plebe, too. For Beast, foot powder saved my life. I recommend getting some Fox River socks because they are thick and comfortable. Combination of these socks and foot powder prevented me from getting any blisters. For A-Day, get your family to bring you some snacks and maybe an...
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    I'm a Cow at USMA, AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Yes, since cleats and shin pads don't take up much space. If not, you can have your parents mail them to you because from what I remember, team tryouts did not start until a couple weeks in.
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    Present for upcoming Cadet to West Point

    Current plebe here, and most people, including myself, had black G-Shock watches. I got mine for $40 at my local Target. Some people had other brands that were cheaper. To be honest, you just want a black watch that has an alarm and that is able to withstand the training. Don't get anything too...
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    I'm a Cow at USMA, AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Do not bring chewing gum. Food is taken away. Enjoy your last couple of days before reporting for R-Day. As civic29 said, go in with the mindset. During Beast, you will see kids who will try to make themselves look good. For example, pass off knowledge faster than his/her squadmates, or always...
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    I'm a Cow at USMA, AMA (Ask Me Anything)

    Current plebe here. I found some And1 basketball socks at my local Walmart. The logo was only above my toes so no logo was shown. Also, the material was kind of thick and soft so it lowered the chances of blisters forming. If you cannot find any at Walmart, I suggest looking online. Some kids...
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    Candidate Fitness Assessment Tips

    I used this video to help me with the basketball throw: For me, it helped to look at something high up in the distance. When I practiced outside, I aimed at a tall building/tree that was in a straight line from me. When I took the test inside the gym, I aimed at a specific brick in the wall...
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    Question for SLE Cadet Candidates

    Definitely do Q&A/tours. When I was in SLE, my Squad leader taught us how to clear rooms with dummy rifles.
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    Forms for Candidates Offered Admission

    In the instructions, the last form that is supposed to be sent by mail is #7 Police Record Check. After it's description, it says "Submit no later than 15 May 2015." I'm confused to if this date only applies to the police record check or to all of the forms that should be mailed to West Point.
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    Forms for Candidates Offered Admission

    Does anyone know when the forms are due?
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    Crashing dream?

    I didn't do so well in physics and it made me panic during the application process. My college counselor said, "It is what it is. All that is in the past." Don't worry about the fact that you didn't do so well in precalc. I don't know if worrying is your problem, but it was for me. After...
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    Maryland Nominations

    I don't really know about Representative Delaney, but it's pretty competitive to get a nomination in Maryland. USNA is the most popular for Maryland students so it is the most competitive. According to Senator Mikulski, about 300 students applied for her nomination to an academy.
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    DQ After Appointment?

    Is it possible to be disqualified for teeth cavities or wisdom teeth?
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    DQ After Appointment?

    Hello! I was appointed to USMA (part of the big wave) and have accepted!:biggrin: However, I'm wondering if there is any way to get disqualified from now until R-Day besides getting injured?