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    CFAD - what to wear?

    Thanks. Got it.
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    CFAD - what to wear?

    DS is attending CFAD and we assume he should wear business casual. Is that correct?
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    Bears Den changed. The list of checks disappeared and a new box took its place with link to a letter.
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    someone should start an appointment thread. State, date app submitted, etc... Impossible to say. Maybe it's a small first wave...maybe they've been holding a bunch. Let's hope for the later.
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    AFROTC Scholarship winners

    I think I remember reading that there are a few "high need" languages that qualify for type 1. Congrats.
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    I would assume it means your file has been reviewed and you will hear soon. But, then why not just check that box on your portal? I don't know? Was this a new box on your portal or an email? Good luck. I think this forum has gone silent while we all hold our breath.
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    West Point Honor Code

    Stealing, by definition, is taking something that does not belong to you. Pretty simple. How the victim is or is not affected is irrelevant.
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    When you show up for Rday, your ROTC scholarship is voided. That is, if you haven't already declined. And That's a whole 'nother discussion.
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    EA Decisions

    And of course there is a plan C and D.
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    EA Decisions

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    EA Decisions

    Oops. My son did not receive that email Oct 2. His was later. I'm waiting and hoping for the first wave in hopes of things moving along to the second wave. ... and third.... bring on the waves. That kinda has a nice Coast Guard like pun. Haha.
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    EA Decisions

    Crickets. I am so ready to see this board light up with a wave of appointments!
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    Is Bear's Den down?

    Just checked. It's up and running. And no changes to anything.
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    WP Candidate interview

    My cadet never had an interview. Did not attend SLE. He Saw WP for the first time the day before R-day. Of course, there was an MOC interview., but nothing with WP directly.
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    Cadet for a Day - probably need to cancel

    Thanks everyone. We are making it happen.
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    Cadet for a Day - probably need to cancel

    My DS is scheduled to go to CFAD Nov 30th. USCGA is his #1 choice and he has applied early admission. He doesn't need this to convince him to go. And, the problem is that there is now a conflict with me. He will have to fly out on Wednesday - for us, its an all day trip. So, it will mean...
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    When was it all completed, including interview? and congrats!
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    DODMERB question

    so does my DS. It was not a problem. Not even a remedial about it. they didn't care - that was 3 weeks ago. so recent.
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    I would get in touch with DodMerb Consultants. He will be very honest with you. (to the point it hurts) "Non-waiverable" conditions do sometimes get waivers. Don't give up because of that wording.
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    LTC Heffington's Open Letter

    My laugh for the morning. thanks.