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    National Waiting List

    My DS was placed on the NWL mid January three years ago. A week later he received his appointment. Good luck to your DS.
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    Candidate File Qualified - National Waiting List

    Three years ago in mid January, my DS was placed on the NWL. He received his appointment a week later. Best wishes to your DS.
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    High School Sophomore looking for some advice

    Hello, We're from Southern California. Our nephew graduated 2007. Our son is there now. I'd be glad to talk to you and your parents to answer any questions. ee ir sam yuk yuk sam sa par sa sa
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    candidate background experience form?

    The Admissions Board calculates a WCS: whole candidate score based on the information you provide. It's based on academics 60%, leadership 30%, CFA 10%. Good luck to you.
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    Martial Arts (Taekwondo)

    DS received his appointment running marathons and training Kali: Filipino Marital Arts. He attended a small private high school that didn't have any sports teams.
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    Service Academy Videos

    Congratulations on performing well. West Point requires candidates to submit videos of pull-ups and push-ups during the six part test. It's evidence of your fitness under growing stress. Good luck!
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    High School Sophomore looking for some advice

    Do you reside in a competitive Congressional district?
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    High School Sophomore looking for some advice

    What's your home state?
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    West Point Recondo badge

    DS is a rising Yuck. He'll be completing CFT2 this week. He's receiving a recondo badge. He said it was tough, because Army evaluates multiple abilities.
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    Denied From SLE, Is This The End?

    My DS was denied USMA SLE, but received his appointment. Good luck to you.
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    Injuries at USMA

    My DS had a concussion during Beast. He also had a foot surgery first semester. He's thriving now. He recently completed the Norwegian Foot March, and is scheduled for summer Air Assault training. Safe journey.
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    Language Pick

    Our DS took four years of Mandarin in high school. He's minoring it at West Point. It's his third language and he's enjoying it.
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    Career After West Point

    My DS is West Point Class of 2025. We can relate to your story. We're in Orange County California. I'll answer any questions.
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    R-Day or A-Day

    It's been an honor to be a West Point family. Good luck to your DS and your family.
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    R-Day or A-Day

    Due to pandemic, Class of 2025 R-Day was held on three separate days June 26-28. A-Day was August 14. Three of our family attended. I don't think there was a limit as long as you can get a security pass.
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    Career After West Point

    Congratulations! Which region are you from?
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    BFE Arrival Time Frame

    DS received offer of appointment to USMA on 1/30, and the BFE arrived on 2/24. Best wishes.
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    USMA Taekwondo

    DS submitted his Kali and Tae Kwon Do certificates to his FFR along with videos.
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    Congratulations to those who received their appointments! For those who didn't, don't quit. DS received his appointment to USMA on 30JAN21. Thank you MullenLE, Capt MJ, OldRetSWO, MidCakePa, Roadking, jl123, A1Janitor, kinnem, Army Vet & Parent, Devil Doc, Old Navy BGO and all others who...
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    Num Username Self/DS/DD LOA/No LOA Appt Date Status State Nom Source Direct/Non-Direct 1 KoSnakeKo Self LOA 7-Oct-20 Accepted NC Service Connected Direct Appointment 2 DiscoF15 DS LOA 16-Oct-20 Accepted ?? Presidential Direct Appointment 3 NesherVII DD LOA 17-Oct-20 Accepted CA...