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    Early Thanksgiving Break For Recruiting

    When time for soliciting interest comes around, there will be a signup sheet on the Cadet Information System (CIS). I was selected for CPRC this Thanksgiving (my first time) and had a blast. I spoke with a bunch of high schoolers (two separate events), assist at a food bank, and run with a COL...
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    Prior Service Thrift Savings plan

    Hey! I started my TSP at USMAPS and contributed whatever I could. However, as a cadet you are unable to contribute towards it. Not sure if it's on hold, or what exactly they do, but you cannot contribute. You can also talk to the financial office once your here if you have more questions about it.
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    Personal Laptop

    I would recommend getting an ipad. Especially if you are already spending funds on something, an iPad will be worth your time. It is helpful when signing cover sheets, writing on PDF's for problem sets, etc. Additionally, you can use it in your free time to watch Netflix, play games, etc. It's...
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    USMA Academic calendar 2024-25

    Heres a general calendar that may help?
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    Current Plebe AMA

    Not trying to steal TANK27's thunder, but yes you can have two. My room mate has two 27 inch monitors. I'll let them hit on what else you can have.
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    Computer package?

    Yeah The wireless mouse, monitor, and docking station are the biggest things I've used from the package. The printer.. I don't even want to talk about it. I'm honestly surprised I haven't thrown it in the trash to be honest. Each company has their own company printer and you can only use the...
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    Invite to Branch Week Tour

    Seems like something they would send, but I would call them directly to ensure. According to the 2024-2025 schedule, branch week is from 26-30 August. If you call and it's legit, I recommend it.
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    I am currently a Cadet. Any questions?

    I'm pretty sure CDT's are not allowed to be payed for AIADs. You will get per diem, but that is about it.
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    Reapplication advice

    Did the opportunity to attend USMAPS ever pop up? With an ACT like that, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to go. I had a 23, could barely do 4 pullups, and did like 30 pushups. DM and I would love to talk more.
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    Opportunities at West Point

    I would say check out this thread:
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    What are benefits you wish you knew of earlier as a cadet.

    Cosimo's is amazing!!!! I went during prep a couple years back and it was the best pizza (yeah I know) that I had in a while. Highly recommend.
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    Congrats! The fun will begin shortly
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    Computer Package

    I got it and think it was worth it. The list of items should be in the candidate portal, but during CBT, everything comes in a nice box. So, if you want to make it easier on yourself (not have to buy everything yourself) it may be beneficial to look into. I use the monitor, docking station, and...
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    Credit cards (AMEX, waived fees)

    Yes, AMEX fee is waived for cadets. I was able to get both the gold and platinum card. Plenty of cadets go for it too because of the benefits. Mainly the lounge and uber credit for the platinum card. As a cadet you aren't getting paid much, so when it comes time to apply for the card, you may or...
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    Possible prep school

    Based solely on your message it seems possible. There are plenty of different reasons people attend the prep school. There is no harm in asking them directly what they are thinking. Do you mind spending the extra year at prep?
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    USMA Cadet Ambassador Program

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    What are benefits you wish you knew of earlier as a cadet.

    I won't dive into too much detail, but feel free to ask more questions or DM me. 1) You can waive the fee on Amex Platinum and Gold cards. This means you can get both and not pay anything (besides your monthly bill of course). It feels like free money. 2) Use your summers wisely! Participate...
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    What are benefits you wish you knew of earlier as a cadet.

    You can't contribute to your TSP as a Cadet.
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    USMAPS 25' USMA 29' groupchat

    Also, for anyone on this thread that gets into USMAPS '25, DM me your email address and I'll forward you some prep details. Also, I can give you my contact information if you would like any direct questions answered, want to know about life at prep, etc.
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    USMAPS 25' USMA 29' groupchat

    For the most part, dates for events (family day, breaks, etc.) are passed out pretty late. Once your DS finishes CCBT, just have them ask their TACS for further guidance.