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    How Does a Cadet Get From the Airport to CGA? While the post linked was in regard to Providence, RI, cadets fly into multiple airports. Southern Connecticut is served by Providence (PVD), Hartford (Bradley, BDL), LaGuardia (LGA) , and even...
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    First I've heard of that. I would love to be interviewed. How would one request an interview? I don't believe the essays, give enough of a picture of who I am and why I want to be a career CG officer, so I'd love to elaborate.
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    CGAS Prep School
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    Deferred applicant scheduled for review

    The other two CGAS schools are Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, GA, and Marion Military Institute in Marion, AL. NAPS is the third in Newport, RI. Not sure how true it is, but I've been told more of the competitive athletes go to NAPS. Also NAPS is a on an actual military base; "Naval...
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    CGAS Prep School

    Congrats. If you have the Georgia HOPE you may want to try your best to get to GMC, where HOPE money can be applied. You pay for your CGAS prep year out of your E-2 USCG pay, and GA HOPE obviously lessens the amount you pay, hence more money in your pocket.
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    CGAS Prep School

    You report to the Academy during the summer for a few weeks of indoc, where you swear in and paid as an E-2. Students who accept the scholarship enlist in the Coast Guard for a two year contract as an E-2, receiving all the pay and benefits. The Coast Guard Academy is responsible for tuition...
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    Submitting a low SAT score vs. no SAT score

    I just re-read this year's admissions requirements and the language looks a little different than what I recall from last year. My understanding has been that submitting the test scores were optional in the event you were unable to take the test...
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    Submitting a low SAT score vs. no SAT score

    I believe the "option" not to submit test scores is there to accommodate those who could not take the test. If you actually took the test, that sounds like a different scenario than what is being accommodated. (we may have read it differently, maybe they allow for other reasons) Now, could you...
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    I guess about 22.4% were offered appointments, and about 13.7% accepted appointments. The stats do not differentiate between EA and RA. according to the stats posted on this forum indicated the following for last year (class of 2025)...
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    Personal statement 4

    Look at the forth personal statement as an opportunity to try to convey more about yourself. Between the other three you are limited to 1000 words (500 - Why CGA, 250 - Diversity, 250 - Covid) with which there is only so much you can write about to give a picture of who you are. The extra 250...
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    I was originally going to submit for RA, but one of the admissions officers visited the school I am at for self-prep and encouraged me to apply for EA. So I got everything in 16 Oct 2021, all LORs were already in. I guess I'll know soon enough,,,EA, deferred to RA.
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    After you login to The lower right quadrant of the main page is called "Application Checklist" At the bottom of the list there is a section called "Status" Status ☑️ Application Complete - Ready for Review 🔲 Cadet Candidate Evaluation...
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    Chatter, Congrats & Questions 2026 USCGA Appointment Thread

    Well, ahhh,, if they're looking for a 100% sure thing acceptance of an appointment.... :cool: hehe,, just let me know.... (Raises hand) ✋
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    Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF)

    you may have already seen this but just in case... Officer's Christian Fellowship (OCF) at USCGA youtube channel.
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    The Wait

    You get used to it. (but yes, dying) Consider it practice for service life. :-) "Hurry up and wait", "Standby to Standby" Seriously though, Admissions has thousands of applications to sort through. Each applicant has their own unique profile. Admissions is putting together a puzzle that will...
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    USCGA Class of 2026 Appointment Thread- Self Updating

    Yes Ma'am, EA. Was CGA Scholars wait-listed but didn't get a spot. Enrolled for Self-Prep at Georgia Military College, and applied EA (convinced by Figgs), now it's wait and see. If it happens you'll see something like - "GeorgiaGus / Self / 04/01/22 / GA / Civ Eng / DEFINITELY WILL ACCEPT"...
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    USCGA Class of 2026 Appointment Thread- Self Updating

    6) MrFiggs / Self / 11/21/21 / CA / Cyber / DODMERB conditional - Will Accept Ditto Figgs; CONGRATULATIONS. I have greatly enjoyed our conversations this last year and half. You are truly an inspiration and worthy of being a cadet. In the low days of difficult situations as a self-prep plebe...
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    Complete and on hold

    They are very responsive. If you give them a call, typically you can speak to a live person. They can tell you why it is on hold. Sometimes it's something missing, sometimes it's a typo, who knows. They'll tell you. For me it was a situation where the doctor wrote something that was illegible...
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    Application check list

    Might be a browser difference. I use a Macbook Pro, with Chrome and Firefox, (I do not use Safari that is part of MacOS) and can see the check list in both browsers.