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    CFA Pull Ups

    Hands shoulder width apart is generally most efficient. You get a balance of back, shoulder, bicep, tricep, chest and abdominal muscles. I can do about 9 with a wide grip, on my record CFA I did 17 Pullups with a shoulder width grip.
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    Necessary fields of achievement?

    Brovol, I understand it can be hard to find time. Focus less on the hours, more on the effort. Volunteer work is not a requirement for admission to West Point. Although it can help, the important thing is a well rounded candidate. If you child fills there time with meaningful activities such as...
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    Necessary fields of achievement?

    I think you're confusing didactic and dictate. One is to teach, the other is to tell.
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    All Requirements Down?

    There is still more to submit. It goes by order of precedence. They won't have someone do medical until they are academically competitive; this saves the government some money. You won't bother with a National Agency Security Investigation until you're offered a slot for the same reason -...
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    Army PFA mile different than CFA mile

    The only other Physical Fitness indicator I have heard of being considered by the admissions board is the APFT for Current Enlisted. They still have to take the CFA and are typically close to maxing each event anyways, but sometimes a DA705 Scorecard with a 275+ APFT (2min, 2min, 2mile) will...
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    Active Duty to West Point

    Craftsman2016, I'm an enlisted soldier. If your ultimate goal is to become an officer in the US Army, don't take the enlisted path if you don't have to. I have been enlisted for over three years and although I have no regrets whatsoever about my decision to enlist, doing so has not...