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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    1. Juvat (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, FL-21 2. Navydad1971 (DD), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, MD-5 3. KTMDad (DS), Appointment, 24 Oct, Presidential, CA-04 4. RckyMtnKP (DS), Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, CO-5 5. Gator19, Appointment, 31 Oct, Presidential, AL-01 6...
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    How do you guys feel about Webguy?

    My DS was at a private prep school this year and I would have paid $$$$ for even one picture of him. Web guy is going to be my new BFF and I don't mind paying the price. It gives your Cadet a lifetime membership to the AOG and having personal friends who are apart of the AOG they say it's worth it.
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    USAFA Prep school/Falcon foundation admissions?

    IF DS were fortunate to get offered a slot at the prep school, when would he find out? Would that be an email to check his portal? thanks in advance Last year DS recieved an email that his portal had been updated. On the portal there was a letter with the Falcon Scholarship offer. He was...
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    Falcon Scholar Appointments?

    DS recieved a falcon scholarship for 2014/2015 school year. I was just wondering when USAFA usually gives the "Falcons" appointments? DS recieved an MOC nomination (not primary, MOC sends a list of ten and lets USAFA rack), all his paperwork is complete, and his grades were good for first...
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    USAFA Prep school/Falcon foundation admissions?

    I do not know if USAFA prep school is required to retake the ACT, but DS recieved a Falcon scholarship and as part of his program he was required to retake both SAT and ACT. Maybe that requirement is dependant on the prep school chosen but it doesn't hurt to keep trying to improve yourself.
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    USAFA CFA Scoring

    From our experience with DS, whose basketball throw was in the low 40's, if you are meeting close to the averages and/or above in everything else you should pass the CFA. Our DS applied to 3 SA's last year. The MMA had him redo his basketball throw only. USAFA and USNA passed him. On a side...
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    NMMI Parents 2014 - 2015

    I havent posted enough to be able to send a private message but would love to be added to the fb page. Will try from fb and see if it works. Thanks for putting it together.
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    NMMI Parents 2014 - 2015

    DS is heading to NMMI on a Falcon Scholarship from USAFA. It would be great to have a place to share and receive information with other parents.
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    USAFA Application

    DS is heading to NMMI on a Falcon Scholarship and we have the same question. I saw a post I can't find again about the prep schools helping with the application and nomination process, but would like to confirm this is true.