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    Signal Corps BOLC dates....still waiting

    He’s excited about Signal and it’s opportunities. Armor was his first choice. He’s smart and motivated. Glad it was a good experience for your son!
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    Signal Corps BOLC dates....still waiting

    It was his second choice. I think he chose Germany and Japan as first choices for first Duty Station. Where did your son end up and has he had a good experience in Signal?
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    Signal Corps BOLC dates....still waiting

    Most of my son’s commissioning peers have received dates for BOLC except Signal. Is this normal? Reflective of the current needs of the Army I suppose. Anyone have experience with Signal that could shed light here? He graduates in May from the Citadel. His ROTC office suspects they’re waiting...
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    How do you get DoDMERB forms sent to The Citadel?

    That's what I was looking for....and that is exactly what we figured out to do last week. Thank you so much!
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    How do you get DoDMERB forms sent to The Citadel?

    The DoDMERB website and handbook says the detachment will request medical forms from DoDMERB, but The Citadel says they do not make these requests. What is another route to take to get those required medical forms sent to the college? Thanks for any insights.
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    First Board Results

    Letter arrived yesterday (Texas)! Decision due Jan. 8th as well.
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    Word of encouragement

    Great news! Congratulations!
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    AROTC 1st Board Results

    My son received four year offers to Citadel, VMI and Baylor University.
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    AROTC Portals have been UPDATED!!!

    I was so disappointed to find no letter again today....but great news awaited my son on the portal. Thanks for the heads up! Congratulations to all recipients and best of luck to others for the remaining boards! Perhaps we will have a toast in our Army Strong mugs my husband and I received at...
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    ROTC 1st board results are coming

    Our presentation yesterday was very nice. The U of H representative was so kind and outside of presenting the award, spent time talking with my husband and I and our son. He visited with school administration and faculty answering questions and honoring our boy! He did not, however, know the...
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    ROTC 1st board results are coming

    My son was notified by our local battalion that he was a four year scholarship winner and they will make a presentation to him at an assembly this afternoon at his school. Very happy for him and all others that were selected this round. He also got a nomination letter yesterday to USMA from our...