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  1. navypmw

    Nursing Option Midshipmen Article from Georgetown

    Very good program. Our DD attended Georgetown University School of Nursing on an NROTC scholarship (graduated and commissioned May 2021). The nursing program is top notch and Georgetown University is a crosstown affiliate of the Capital Battalion which our DD felt was a great experience.
  2. navypmw

    Transferring a NROTC Scholarship

    I believe that in most years, NROTC nursing graduates are sent to one of the 3 hospitals mentioned. That was not the case in 2021. Out of approximately 9 nursing graduates, 4 were sent to Navy Hospital Okinawa. My DD was one of them. :)
  3. navypmw

    Doc’s Manifesto

    Wishing you all the best. Thanks for all the great advice Chief!
  4. navypmw

    Top 3 All-Time Favorite Military/Strategy/History/Other Books

    1. I Could Never Be So Lucky Again, by James Doolittle 2. A Sorrow In Our Heart: The Life of Tecumseh, by Allan Eckert 3. HAP, by Thomas Coffey 4. The South Pole, by Roald Amundsen
  5. navypmw

    Favorite NROTC Schools?

    My DD is in her final year at one of the cross town schools and she speaks very highly of the experience. What is not to like about doing your PT at the base of the Lincoln Memorial steps and running on the National Mall? The proximity to everything that Washington DC has to offer is a big plus.
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    One Liner Life Advice

    From my Dad: "Please use your head for more than just a hat rack"
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    Being in the service and a vaccine is mandatory

    No vaccine that I know of is 100% safe.
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    Navy ROTC Application Deadline & Timing

    Certainly not too late to apply. Three years ago my DD didn't start her application until January but was able to meet the deadline and was awarded a scholarship April 25th. Go for it.
  9. navypmw

    Fall tuition not paid ( AFROTC )

    In my DD's case (NROTC) for the past 3 years, fall semester fees and tuition were paid in January. Book stipends arrived in mid-October.
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    Best COVID-19 MEME

  11. navypmw

    NROTC Tuition and Stipend Payments

    My DD is now a senior and for the past 3 years her tuition and fees for the fall semester aren't paid until December/January and the spring semester usually is paid in April or May.
  12. navypmw

    No Thanksgiving break

    Same here with the shoulder length hair but 2 years ahead of you. Between boot camp and hospital corps school I spent the entire winter 75-76 at Great Lakes. No liberty during boot camp and I believe only 1 or 2 phone calls.
  13. navypmw

    No Thanksgiving break

    Yikes! I guess that means the mid-late 70's are now considered the days of really old.
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    What...That's a Federal Crime??

    Recent interview of U.S. Attorney for Western Washington:
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    The Gunsmith Thread

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    NROTC in CA

    Here is how the the Navy ROTC schools are listed: San Diego State University Cross-Town Affiliate: - California State University, San Marcos - University of California at San Diego University of San Diego Cross-Town Affiliate: - Point Loma Nazarene University
  17. navypmw

    How will ROTC work with coronavirus and quarantine?

    Yesterday, Georgetown University announced they will be implementing a hybrid model for the Fall 2020 semester.
  18. navypmw

    Blood Type Rant/Question?

    There are other TB tests that involve taking blood (interferon gamma release assays). The advantage of this test is that you don't need to return to your providers office in 48-72 hours to have the skin test checked for reaction.
  19. navypmw

    Women Veterans Day June 12, 2020

    I recently read a book related to this topic and highly recommend it to all: Serving Proudly: A History of Women in the U.S. Navy by Susan H. Godson
  20. navypmw

    Running/Shoes for USMA

    I have been running in Hoka Speedgoats for the past couple of years (25-35 miles per week). Whether on trails or hard surfaces, they are by far the best shoes I have ever run in.