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    Agree chances are getting slimmer as you get closer to I day but for what it’s worth, a friend in my DD company who just finished Plebe year with her got notice to report literally 5 days before I day last year. Go with Plan B but it’s not unheard of to have some unexpected curveball in this...
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    Class of 2021 PTR Packet

    Congrats & welcome! BLB page is great source of info as well. Get great info from both! DD will be in 2021 class as well.
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    Cold Feet

    Just my 2 cents. DD will be plebe for 2021 and really went back and forth between USNA and her other top choice school. Made multiple pro/con lists, talked to probably over 20 current mids, recent grads, and distant grads both still in and out of active duty. In the final 2 weeks before the...
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    Wait-List Situation

    I know of at least 1 P2B who had gotten injured recently and will unfortunately will not be able to join in PS for this class.
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    Noon Meal Formation during PS

    How do you know when they are slated for a parade?
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    Not Selected for SS - Now What?

    Wouldn't sweat it too much about not getting into SS. DD had applied last year and didn't get in which she interpreted as not being competitive and started thinking of not following up on the application. Her BGO called and encouraged her to continue with the application saying that a good...
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    Plan B Question

    Geez....DD just told me that on social media, one of the kids slated for the class of 2021 just had a knee injury that will keep her from joinning the brigade this year. Feel so bad for her.... To Sydney's point, I guess it does happen every year!
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    Doubt there will be any use for the passports during PS. We're waiting to hear when they might need them but doubt will need before end of plebe year. Agree with the publicity. Did fill out the white one to send back though...
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    Exactly same as what we are doing. Just want to make sure we have all the immunization done before we get to I day. Having shots going into PS would suck.
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    Insurance Question

    PM me. You may need to get 5 or 10 posts before able to do so. Can give you some insight for both BMU and the civilians side to get this taken car of.
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    PTR paperwork - Medical Record - Supplemental Medical Data form

    Agree with Nap. It is a standard history form for an immunization station.
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    In the directions, wasn't there something about sending in 1 and having separate copies and bringing 2 copies with the plebe on I day? The "Important Information..." document says "Please mail one copy and hand carry two copies of this form to the Induction Day Immunization Station..."
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    Just got ours today in VA...not too far from Annapolis! We got ours exactly 1 week after accepting the appointment on the website on the portal. 7:00am report time.
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    529, Service academies & grad school withdrawals?

    @dakine, thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for. By the way I read the regs, this is what I think too but maybe I need to ask my accountant about this one.... would hate to be wrong and have to pay a 10% penalty on the entire thing if timing not correct.
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    529, Service academies & grad school withdrawals?

    I know this question has been addressed in the past but question to some of those that already have been through this. As I understand it, if your DD/DS goes to a Service Academy, the full amount of the "value" of that education is considered to be a "Scholarship" least in the eyes of the...
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    Dodmerb consultants? Yes or No?

    We too engaged Dr. Merchant. He was very knowledgable and probably did offer some insights that were not found here in SAF that we found useful. Our only issue was timeliness of responses which was a bit frustrating through the anxiety ridden process. When engaged, he was very thorough and...
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    Thanksgiving 2017

    Thanks for that post! We will be 2021 Plebe parents and are fortunate to live fairly close by in VA about 40 minutes drive. The Dean of admissions had joked that years ago when their daughter was a plebe, his wife would be "hiding in the bushes" taking pictures of their DD and waiting to catch...
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    Plan B Question

    Completely understand and appreciate both sides of this debate and honestly could have seen us going down the path of either side. No judging or taking sides here either and cannot/would not fault anyone on either side of this. That said given that this is an "insurance policy" of sorts for...
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    Plan B Question

    In retrospect, would you have done anything differently?
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    Plan B Question

    OK. Final update on this after all the feedback which I greatly appreciate. Called around to the top schools that DD had considered going to before finally deciding to accept appointment at USNA. Essentially asked them for their "advice" in what to do about situation where DD would have to do...