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  1. Bushrod

    AROTC CST 2024

  2. Bushrod

    AROTC CST 2024

    1st Reg! He made the first IG post during check-in. How about yours?
  3. Bushrod

    CAC Card Issuance question

    Lol. I feel like we have a duty to educate the current generation.
  4. Bushrod

    CAC Card Issuance question

    Common Access Card Card
  5. Bushrod

    Army ROTC 2023-2024 3rd Board

    Lol, don't I wish...
  6. Bushrod

    Switching Scholarship

  7. Bushrod

    AROTC Advanced Camp 2023

    Thank you both!
  8. Bushrod

    AROTC Advanced Camp 2023

    Which one? I'm not familiar with the area and see different IHGs listed. We'd like to book soon!
  9. Bushrod

    AROTC Scholarship Thread - Class of 2028

    Sounds like he secured it?
  10. Bushrod

    Project Go Results?

    My cadet did Russian in Latvia last summer. Experience of a lifetime and worth having to give up an Airborne slot to go. They all seemed to enjoy going somewhere called Artillery, lol.
  11. Bushrod

    Army ROTC 2023-2024 2nd Board

    From my understanding (and reading the announcement email three years ago), that's correct. They upgrade the top 3 year winners to reach 1000 4 year scholarships awarded. That was a glorious day for us parents and an "oh, by the way" announcement to us from my cadet, lol.
  12. Bushrod

    Where to find combat boots ?

    That's a great suggestion. I see 68 listings for Men's size 4 at
  13. Bushrod

    VTCC Training Exercise Today in Snow

    Another hard fought loss by the cadets!
  14. Bushrod

    Summer training?

    Is your son a current high school senior? There is generally no AROTC training over the summer before MS1 year but his school of choice may have an orientation or similar.
  15. Bushrod

    Never Forget. 9/11

    Wow, you were closer than me. I was in 1D639. We were using temp furniture because our regular furniture had just been moved right where the plane hit. We were days away from moving into that new office. My wife was upstairs on the second floor getting coffee. I grabbed her bag and waited in...
  16. Bushrod

    Process question

    VA Tech does not require students in the Corps of Cadets to be enrolled in any ROTC. They have a pretty good sized contingent of civilian leadership track students.
  17. Bushrod

    AROTC Advanced Camp 2023

    Terrible situation for everyone, for sure!
  18. Bushrod

    AROTC Advanced Camp 2023

    Maybe because yours is OPFOR. Mine was OPFOR last summer and a lot of the OPFOR ordered pizza or other DoorDash.
  19. Bushrod

    What fees are covered with ROTC Scholarship?

    I'm not sure which service you're specifically asking about, but our Army Cadet's school health fee is covered. I don't think there's any coverage for health insurance. The scholarship will be on the bill as a "pending credit". It will be paid to the school some time after contracting. You...