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    Working while in the VT Corps of Cadets?

    If you mean actual free time, like when you aren't doing Corps or ROTC things, you'll be doing schoolwork most likely or exercising on your own. If you mean what will you do for the Corps and ROTC, you'll find out in approximately 1.5 weeks. You really don't have "free time" to just do whatever...
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    VTCC New Cadet Kit

    I've never heard of it to be honest so I couldn't comment on it, sorry.
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    Working while in the VT Corps of Cadets?

    Working as a freshman in the VTCC, especially first semester is going to be near impossible, I don't know of anyone who has done it and I'm a senior. You will need to focus on academics and all other free time will be taken up by the Corps, freshman training, and ROTC.
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    VTCC New Cadet Kit

    Brasso is not used to clean our brass, it will not work well. It actually works well for everything BUT brass. Look for Mother's Aluminum polish, cylindrical red and white container.
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    "Flat feet"

    I may or may not be incorrect but I was told that "flat feet" was only used as a disqualifier up until the Vietnam era and that it is no longer disqualifying, but don't quote me on that.
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    Asthma Questions

    Thanks so much, its such a relief not having it hanging over me anymore :biggrin:
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    Asthma Questions

    It'd probably be from a separate doctor, the pulmonologist at your closest hospital. When I say everything done, I just mean throughout the whole process not particularly at this moment. Schedule things with the earliest available appointment, this process needs to take precedence above...
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    Asthma Questions

    I'm going through a similar thing right now. Although mines not as severe. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 8 or so, stopped using meds at 11 and doctor stopped prescribing them at 12. However, my doctors office never took the meds off my "current meds" so that REALLY screwed me... I got...
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    Waiver requesting more info for asthma

    No, I already got the D241.30 Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13. It was sent to NROTC and after a month and a week they made the decision of R259.01 Applicant DQ - Waiver Authority requests additional information. Secondly, It's just that I run so much and...
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    Waiver requesting more info for asthma

    So after 1.225 months of waiting, I finally heard back from NROTC about my waiver request. I was diagnosed with sports induced asthma when I was young but grew out of it by 11 and my doctor stopped prescribing the meds at age 12. However, my doctors office never took them off my "active meds" so...
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    NROTC Update

    I also had my application submitted intime for the first original board which was during the end of August, last week of August I believe.
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    Official NROTC C/O 2018 Acceptance Thread

    Jordan2819, Navy, Virginia Tech, Computer Engineering (Tier 2)
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    NROTC Update

    I was also awarded my NROTC scholarship today to my first choice school Virginia Tech! :smile:
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    NROTC Action...

    I had my interview in mid May and paperwork got turned in for first board obviously, I think they waited till a few weeks before the August board to turn my package in though according to my recruiter. Still patiently waiting...
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    College v. Academy

    I find colleges to be better because they offer the best of both worlds (if it has a corp of cadets such as VT or A&M)
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    Great movies of all time

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    I was on accutane a while back and my recruiter told me that you have to be done the treatment for... 4-6 months I think? Somewhere in that range, maybe 8?
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    Room and Board

    Any idea how Virginia Tech handles paying room and board? Do they waive it for rotc students?
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    Schedule of NROTC?

    Good Luck!
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    When do will we find out if we won a scholarship?

    hopefully soon!