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    Affiliate Schools | Advanced Standing

    Is this the last year NROTC will be offering advanced standing?
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    NROTC Sideload 2017

    I was told by my unit that there would be 90 3 year scholarships awarded. What happened to that figure?
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    University of San Diego NROTC Orientation

    USD NROTC students are assigned random roommates through the regular process. After freshman year you may choose your roommates.
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    NROTC 3 year sideload

    Such as a math or English teacher from the past year?
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    NROTC 3 year sideload

    Quick question: Are letters of recommendation allowed for the sideload application?
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    NROTC 3 year sideload

    Thank you very much for your time and input. OI = officer instructor. Not sure if all units abbreviate it like that. But my Lieutenant was the one who told me that, just wasn't completely sure based on the forums.
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    NROTC 3 year sideload

    Hello, I realize that no one can actually know the answer to this but I'd like to hear other's thoughts. I am a college program MIDN at USD. I failed to pick up the national scholarship so next step is to apply for the 3 year sideload. I have read into the average stats for sideload awardees...