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    The Gunsmith Thread

    Think he needs a forward assist near the end of the video;)
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    Request the best PreCalc teacher/professor on staff & work your schedule around theirs. DD had a horrible PreCalc teacher. She requested the school's best Calculus teacher & arranged her whole schedule in order to get into her class. The teacher was wonderful, taught the 'extra help'...
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    What...That's a Federal Crime??

    Here we see a 44 y/o man have pics & videos on his Gmail account showing a conspiracy to possess/distribute over 1,000 kilos of marijuana along w/possession of various firearms....allegedly...🤔 What got me was the mandatory minimums for some of the charges: 1. conspiracy to distribute and...
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    Tale of a Heroic Sailor: Ensign Stannus' M1911A1

    Ian from Forgotten Weapons tells the tragic story of the Heroic Ensign thru a handgun awarded to him while he was at the USNA. His ship was caught in the biggest typhoon of the 20th Century. A marine was washed overboard & Stannus dove in & saved him. Then it got strange.
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    Legendary Marine scout sniper Chuck Mawhinney dies at age 75
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    Pearl Harbor Survivor Sterling Robert Cale Dies at 102 During the Japanese attack, he 'broke into an arms locker to get rifles for himself and...
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    The Gunsmith Thread

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    The Gunsmith Thread

    Last time I was at the range with my gun club, a member had just inherited his Father-in-Law's Glock 27. It would FTF every other round. I dissembled it & could find nothing wrong until I read the words on the slide-40 cal. He was feeding it 9mm. Fired approx. every other time tho. Needless...
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    The Gunsmith Thread The company states that it's due to a worldwide shortage in gunpowder.
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    Rated positions

    DD says she can always tell if the airline pilot was Navy by how hard the landing is; they 're used to landing on carriers ;)
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    “The Fall” on PBS - good stuff - others to recommend?

    I see The Caine Mutiny Court Martial has been remade with Kiefer Sutherland in the starring role as everyone's favorite Captain-Streaming on Showtime & Paramount +
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    It's NOT spelled "Acronym"

    Confession: I always say it as "an acronym" pronounced as one word; probably due to my New York accent. (Can't be my fault);)
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    The Everything Drawer - Everyone has one, right? (post anything - within the rules)

    Yep! I can see the twin Yep! I see the twin engine cowlings now.
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    The Everything Drawer - Everyone has one, right? (post anything - within the rules),building%20on%20the%20National%20Mall. Currently on display, I like this restoration pic because the B-17 behind her is 'Flak-Bait', a survivor of 200 missions! More pics...
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    US soldier who crossed into North Korea 2 months ago is in American hands

    Say, "Why don't you play a game of solitaire." & see what happens...
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    Rated positions

    See AA784Driver 's post on Page 3 of 2024 Drops. I can't read the image but maybe you can.
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    2024 Job Drops?

    I wonder what it the pressure must be like for the CO of pilot training. Given the mandate to graduate more pilots than last year must be constant and intense but the training aircraft are old (& breaking down more often), the civilian instructors are few, as are the IP's, etc... The only way I...
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    2024 Job Drops?

    Wow! I first read it as December of 2023 but 2024?? As you know, your 10 year committment doesn't start to run until you pin on wings so you'll have close to 13 years in by then. Did you do a 1 year assignment or are you at a base? Maybe some Redtails will be up & running for you to train in!
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    I have a Gen 2 & recently switched out the original Slide Stop Lever for a Glock extended one. Glock part #47249 (approx. $8.00) for Gen 5 if you're interested. I also switched the Slide Stop for an extended one as well but aftermarket as Glock doesn't make one. It's just a little longer but...
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    Have an acquaintance I see at the range monthly; he shoots S&B 9mm & swears by it.