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  1. F15DOC

    My swab validated Calc 1.

    Wow, that's a nice change to have some majors not take Calc II. It is by common reputation the hardest class at the academy...
  2. F15DOC

    Getting Ready for R Day? Swab Year Video attached...

    OMG, your replies are so hilarious "ordered to ooh and aahhh" love it. But as you can see, there may be a tough physical push, but in reality, it is a head game. One my son made it through after wanting to quit on day 1. And now, into his first summer, he is already so much happier, and so...
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    Getting Ready for R Day? Swab Year Video attached...

    Lol, yep, well this video was from R Day 2016, Day One is what they are calling it this year... changes changes.... Semper Gumby, right?,
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    Running Start

    Ethan, I think taking any advanced classes, scoring well and doing well on your ACT/SAT are the most important Academic portion of your application. Running Start in and of itself is not going to be a bonus for you when applying to Academies. The reason is that Running Start classes are...
  5. F15DOC

    Getting Ready for R Day? Swab Year Video attached...

    Hello worried and excited parents! I am remembering our world one year ago when we were preparing to take our son to the USCGA... The great unknowns, the excitement, the questions... It is a ride ladies and gentlemen... buckle up... Well, it was quite a year for us, from the very first morning...
  6. F15DOC

    Do cadets have another medical exam once they report for Swab?

    My son is in 2020, when he was home for spring break he told us the #1 cause of losing cadets in his class so far this year was from medical (mostly during swab summer). From conditions uncovered and from new injuries.
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    Height and weight requirements

    Weight can be a tricky issue, but it can be overcome. I haven't been on the forums since we left for R-Day with my DS. Time to start giving back some advice and support as I was given. I posted many questions on here regarding my sons weight and fitness scores. It was a close one, but he...
  8. F15DOC

    CG Eagle Cruise

    LOL, the other Coast Guard crews were probably really bummed they were told to stand down, nothing they would have liked more than to brag that they rescued a man overboard from a USCG ship!! They were probably racing for it, like a fireman hoping to deliver a baby!! The Eagle is like, hurry up...
  9. F15DOC

    R Day

    Interesting how rooms are available at the same hotels via difft mediums. The Holiday Inn in New London is overpriced, we stayed there for our visit last year and at least it is convenient and it is a nice hotel. Anyway, I called and was told it was full except one king sized bed. Went online to...
  10. F15DOC

    Chance of getting into USCGA?

    The working 16-20 hours per week will be very important to mention on your app, receiving good grades and being active in leadership/athletics are important, but with working as well it is all the more important. You need to definitely work on your ACT/SATs, there are many people on here that...
  11. F15DOC

    CGA Drug Tests

    OK, here is the deal. Initial urine testing and recurrent testing is performed with a urine drug screen, it is fairly sensitive. You have 2 months before RDay, that is enough time for your system to clear of any prior exposures. Never do drugs again and you will be fine during drug screening...
  12. F15DOC

    Wait listers

    YES, another one!!! Congrats, must be on cloud 9!!
  13. F15DOC

    Wait listers

    Another congratulation!! Way to go class of 2020!!
  14. F15DOC

    AP Exams and validation tests

    Shouldn't matter, you can challenge the courses before classes start and will know which you get credit for, but I don't believe the AP score matters... anyone else?
  15. F15DOC

    Wait listers

    WOOT WOOT!!! Congratulations!!!
  16. F15DOC

    Chance me? (Sorry)

    Here is the deal with getting an appointment, nobody knows - lots of variables and regional competition is huge. If you were in Montana or Idaho, you would be all that much of a stronger candidate.... My DS did not get an appointment to USNA but did accept an appointment to USCGA. I would say...
  17. F15DOC

    AIM Application

    AIM is great, but not the end all. My DS and many many others get on appointment this year and did not get into AIM.
  18. F15DOC

    It's May 1..... What is the news!!??!!

    The acceptances and declines are via snail mail and/or telephone. There is no location on the web portal to accept or decline the noms... Can't wait to hear some good news from others soon!
  19. F15DOC

    It's May 1..... What is the news!!??!!

    The latest packet that DS recd stated this class will be 305!! So it's a big class, room for more wait listers!
  20. F15DOC

    Fit Testing at USCGA

    It was all explained in the big packet we recd the other day. The packet wasn't really so big, until I started printing off all the forms that were hyperlinked! Now there is a ton of stuff to fill out. Nice thing is they included a detailed 8 week workout, daily program, starting on Monday, May...