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  1. Enlisted_Programmer

    Mistake or Awesome Tangent to Pilot

    So I was an idiot (own words) to think I'd never regret not doing my rated physical at USAFA. I've always seemed to have a different path than others who end up on the same road though. So my situation is below. If any cadets are at USAFA reading this, do the rated physical! They will not force...
  2. Enlisted_Programmer

    Class of 2023 by the Numbers

    BLUF:They do have a lot more direct Priors going compared to '16 and before. Actually, with the class of 2017, they began taking more directly into USAFA. I'm one from '18 the ZAMP class of RTB. I was rejected for USAFAPS and USAFA my first time applying and thought my chances were next to nil...
  3. Enlisted_Programmer

    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    Some of my friends I made were only in about a year before making it to USAFA. If you apply now, maybe get in now or be seen as a reapplicant next year and that would help.
  4. Enlisted_Programmer

    LEAD Program C/O 2024

    I was rejected to both first time. Too old and went direct the next year. Didn't start again till October, so my application was finished just barely before due time. Don't make my mistake of thinking that it isn't worth starting now. Once you get there, you will realize how many reapplicants...
  5. Enlisted_Programmer

    USAFA Academic Calendar

    This is the actual updated calendar. Graduation is a week earlier, Finals a week earlier, and a few other changes. Hope this helps
  6. Enlisted_Programmer

    I-day overview

    If you're late, you might be singled out, early the same thing. You won't be sent away though. They have the report times to help out the traffic of everyone coming at once and in-processing at the same time. Get a good breakfast! If you have a later report time, maybe grab a small snack before...
  7. Enlisted_Programmer

    i-day checklist questions - 3 items

    You do not need to worry about making sure the underwear is white for male or female. As a guy or gal, you will need at least one pair that is white or skin tone for parade pants, but other than that boxers are completely acceptable. Nobody will confiscate underwear that is not white. Bring what...
  8. Enlisted_Programmer

    Graduation and Security

    Unless grad week is an exception, which I don't think it is, South Gate is not used for visitors. It is much faster for DOD ID holders during times like these though.
  9. Enlisted_Programmer

    Prior enlisted orders

    At this point, I would call and ask every week. I had mine late April, but I was under the impression that calling didn't help. MPF said they couldn't request my orders so I just waited till they appeared.
  10. Enlisted_Programmer


    You can't in-process early, but if you have somewhere to stay you could do that. Everyone in-processes the same day and coming early isn't allowed. Access to base isn't restricted, but access to cadet area is only allowed to certain people. I recommend using your leave on whatever you enjoy and...
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    Orders will arrive after much waiting... Typical AF advice, check on it after about 2 weeks and if it's 30 days out, check more often.
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    Congrats a1cdustinator! By the way, my first name is Dustin and not Cadet now that I'm recognized. Don't leave before making it through Recognition.
  13. Enlisted_Programmer

    years of service?

    From what I hear, 24 years, but you get paid for 24 years including the USAFA years. I'm not at that point yet though.
  14. Enlisted_Programmer


    Late April I received the TWE. Right after the bulk or all appointments.
  15. Enlisted_Programmer


    Didn't have an EPR before my rejection letter. Yes I think it made a difference although some have come from tech school. <1 applying first time >2 1/2 before making it.
  16. Enlisted_Programmer

    Recognition 2018

    Not greeting like I had to, but it feels weird to just walk by and pretend no one is there. Usually "How you doing?" or something of the sort. And yes the upperclassmen are definitely excited that it's over and that's part of why this place will be on a high for a while with everyone glad that...
  17. Enlisted_Programmer

    Recognition 2018

    Thanks! We can wear backpacks all the time. We can wear civies and go off base(in civies) with unlimited passes. We're no longer at attention except when everyone is. We can talk at all times pretty much. We don't have to study for k-tests, greet by cadet rank, name, and job, or walk on the...
  18. Enlisted_Programmer

    Recognition 2018

    Thanks! Feels so good to have earned civies again and everything else that comes with Recognition!
  19. Enlisted_Programmer

    Wave of appointments

    Most likely portal, in my opinion. I told my commanders that I was pretty sure they would know before me, but the portal updated before they were informed. I didn't agree with the way that turned out, but I was excited to see it on the portal. Either way, it will be a good day when applicants...
  20. Enlisted_Programmer


    Prior Doolie here. My CFA as a male wasn't the greatest, but it was recorded by an officer and 100% accurate (not saying that any aren't), but that is what I put in my comments about it. I wrote that my form was excellent due to the form that the FAC enforces. I can't remember everything, but...