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    Color Blindness

    I received a color deficiency waiver from USNA last year but was not offered an appointment. They sent me a form in January to sign stating that I understood that I would only be able to commission into restricted line officer positions and was granted the waiver. Keep you hopes up!
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    AFROTC Scholarship

    I am planning on going for a path in Cyber Operations. I have all my GE's completed from my AP Credits. I am a Computer Science major and have those classes left to complete. Is graduating early a pro in terms of seeking graduate school education after? For example, going for a graduate degree...
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    AFROTC Scholarship

    I was awarded a HSSP Scholarship (4 Year) for this Fall and have accepted it. I talked to the host unit and they stated that I could do the 3 Year Scholarship Option and take AS250 classes. Advantages/Disadvantages to doing the 3 Year vs 4 Year Program?
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    I have both an AFROTC scholarship and NROTC scholarship. I accepted my NROTC scholarship but am unable to use it as of now. Still waiting on a few more options for NROTC. Can I accept my AFROTC scholarship at the same time, and turn it down if I don't need it anymore in the future?
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    NROTC Scholarship: Now What?

    I have been admitted to colleges, just the colleges I got into do not have an NROTC program.
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    NROTC Scholarship: Now What?

    I was awarded a 4-Year NROTC Scholarship but I did not get into the college that my host unit was at. I transferred my unit to USC but my appeal on admissions did not offer me admission. What do I do now?
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    NROTC Color Deficiency Waiver

    I got a NROTC scholarship, but I don't meet the standards for color deficiency. This happened to me for USNA this year and I got the waiver. I also signed with the department of navy about going restricted line only upon commission. Is the waiver process the same?
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    NROTC School Placement

    I was awarded an NROTC Scholarship last week to Boston University. If I accept the scholarship, am I still able to change my placement unit after I accept it?
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    NROTC School

    I received a 4-Year NROTC Scholarship this week to UC Berkeley, but I was not admitted to the school. Has anyone heard of the unit ask admissions before for an offer of admission to Berkeley?
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    NROTC Board Review Schedule

    Checked this morning at 7AM, but nothing. Got an email at 10:30AM, Awarded Scholarship! Congratulations! You have been selected for a 4-yr Navy Option scholarship. Your scholarship has been placed at BOSTON UNIVERSITY. Your host unit will be BOSTON UNIVERSITY.
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    NROTC Netfocus

    I'm trying to login to my Netfocus account but it won't let me. It says 404 error. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    Have anyone with a JROTC nomination received an appointment yet, or do they come in later?
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    Waiver Candidates

    Gotcha. Possibly I could be having an appointment soon? I am 3Q with a nomination.
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    Waiver Candidates

    When did you submit your application? I submitted my application back in November, and my color deficiency letter from the mail was received by USNA on March 3rd.
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    Waiver Candidates

    Letter for the waiver?
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    Waiver Candidates

    I have received the color deficiency waiver but have not heard back from an offer of appointment yet. Any insight on this?
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    Waiver Candidates

    I have received a medical waiver, but will I hear back on my admissions status later than others? I have also signed the medical waiver letter with USNA.
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    Waiver Candidates

    Is there a certain time frame that medical waiver recipient candidates hear back from? Has it been historically that they have heard back later than most candidates?
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    Who else is still CPR?

    I'm still CPR too. Submitted everything for my application in November. Nomination at end of November, and updated them with information in January.
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    AFROTC Acceptance

    I was awarded an AFROTC Scholarship on January 30th and I have read that I only have 30 days to accept it which makes it until March 1st. If I am awarded another scholarship later on for NROTC or appointed to a service academy, can I withdraw my acceptance?