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  1. RNrecruiter

    Supplies issue

    A definite "yes" for mailing compression shorts during plebe summer. Mine also asked for good smelling body spray/deodorant - he said everyone was quite smelly throughout PS. During PS I wrote letters and placed in plain white envelopes (no stickers or cutesy things written on the outside -...
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    End of the road for DS #2, but he took it in stride. Probably helped that we just completed a 3 day 1000+ mile road trip this past weekend to experience Cal Maritime Day for accepted freshmen at his Plan B school (Cal Maritime Academy). He enjoyed the tours and talking with cadets. As a mom, I...
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    What does CPR even mean at this point?

    Our approach to the USNA application process and our BGO has been completely different. My son had his BGO interview the first week of August 2016 and shortly afterwards all aspects of his application were completed (minus the nomination which came in January). DS has not tried to reach out...
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    Amount Of Candidates Left

    Still waiting in CA
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    BGO interview

    Maybe SoCal is different, but when DS#1 had his BGO interview, it was conducted in our backyard patio (with parents discretely hiding in the house) and son wore jeans and t-shirt. DS#1 is now a Firstie at USNA. (Obviously he did wear suit and tie for congressional interview). DS#2 had his BGO...
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    Impressions from the USCGA Admissions Cadet for a Day (Overnight) Event

    Yes, we totally agree that visiting the USCGA is important, but we will delay visit until we know if he has actual acceptance. It's easier to miss school days during 2nd semester. DS#2 has a brother who is a Firstie at USNA and he has visited that campus several times and attended classes at...
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    USCGA application (candidate part) was completed 8/28/2016. Body Weight info submitted in September. Letters of Rec were submitted in Sept, except for letter from Math teacher which which was completed 1st week of October.
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    DS received e-mail from USCGA today which I believe answers your question (see below). Based on e-mail applicants can begin receiving notifications about admission decision in early November through Dec. 24. Thank you for completing your application to the United States Coast Guard Academy...
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    Impressions from the USCGA Admissions Cadet for a Day (Overnight) Event

    Thanks for sharing your Cadet for the Day experience. Our DS#2 completed his USCGA application (Early Action) and received e-mail today stating "Your record has been scheduled for review in Early Action and will be forwarded to the Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board in the next two weeks." I...
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    NASS acceptances

    There is still HOPE! My DS was waitlisted for NASS, but today received an invite to Summer Seminar - Session 2. My heart sank because she has scheduling conflict for the NASS 2 time slot. Sent a quick e-mail to see if any way possible she could change to NASS 1 and USNA responded in just a...
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    C/O 2019 Questions

    DS is currently a plebe (Class of 2017), when he was a Junior in high school he had swim League Finals and CIF the end of May and Summer Session 1 (June 2-7). He tapered with swim team and did not try to train for CFA at all. It's really not necessary; if your son is a competitive swimmer he...
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    PTR Packet and I Day tips for parents

    Good question! The PTR packet will contain special Mid Store passes (two of them) for parents/family to use when shopping on I-Day. The cashiers will ask to see the special passes and you will not be able to purchase items without them. When we went back at PPW, they had a special table...
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    PTR Packet and I Day tips for parents

    Hard to believe that Herndon for 2017 is less than 2 months away! I found the forum website to be so helpful last year and just wanted to share some of the tips that helped me. These tips are already covered on the forum in years past, but might be helpful to our incoming group of parents and...
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    NASS acceptances

    My DD's NASS e-mail indicates that notifications about NASS status can be on-going to May 1, 2014. (I added the bold print for emphasis). -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2014 7:40 PM To: XXXXXXX Subject: Your...
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    Parents at I-Day or Parents' Weekend?

    Really try to do both I-Day and PPW! Our DS is a plebe this year at USNA. We are from the West Coast and can relate to the difficulties and expense of traveling to USNA. I day and PPW are really two different experiences. For me, PPW was more about the exhilaration and relief of seeing our...
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    Summer Seminar 2014

    Very true! Two years ago, my DS applied for NASS around March 10 and received acceptance notification on March 22. He applied very late in the cycle and had not taken SAT or ACT yet (only reported his PSAT score), but he still got in to NASS. He is a a plebe at USNA this year. This year...
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    In Memory Of...

    The USNA Parent Community Facebook page has information about the funeral service, burial and reception next week. Midshipmen will be able to pay their respects to the Allen Family. The USNA Central VA Parent's Club will be sponsoring the reception and light refreshments. Contributions for...
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    Decision Time: USNA or USMA

    Dear jmvogel, If USMA has been your dream, I wouldn't put a whole lot of weight on comments made by your freshman USMA host. The month of January at a SA is a tough time; you're back at a rigorous military school after Xmas break, weather is dreary/dismal and 2nd semester academics start off...
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    Can I bring my pet Guinea Pig to USNA?

    During plebe summer last year, my DS roommate tried to bring fireflies back into Bancroft as "pets". From what I heard, even the detailers cracked a smile on that one (fireflies did not survive).
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    I Day Medical Exam

    In response to OP, navydad17 pretty much covered everything. The only thing I can add is if you received a medical waiver; bring copies of your paperwork (just in case). DS had medical waiver last year and they didn't ask for paperwork, but we felt better that he had the info there were any...