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  1. shock-n-awe

    How was your experience asking a PE teacher or coach to do the CFA test for you? I don't know who and how to ask.

    For anyone applying to more than one Academy, ie WP, be sure to video the required events per instructions. This will save you from having to redo it. Also be sure the person doing the evaluation understands the CFA instructions.
  2. shock-n-awe

    Enlisting question

    It sounds like you’ve given much thought and weighed your options. Get through graduation and give it some more reflection. College is not for everyone and shouldn’t be something people attend and go into debt for no good reason. I haven’t heard you mention anything about a college major that...
  3. shock-n-awe

    Should I run for class president or vice president

    All elections at every level are a popularity contest….. Or a choice between the lesser of two evils in some cases. Run for Class President.
  4. shock-n-awe

    Sport Recruitment- rowing

    Sounds likel your child has the desire to serve in the military. That is most important if wanting to attend a SA. Secondly wanting to row is also desired which can be done at many of the Academies as listed by Captmj. So then your question is about being recruited to row. That has many...
  5. shock-n-awe

    R day arrival

    We were the first group to report. I don’t recall how early we got on the bus at Buffalo Soldier field, but we got right up to Ike hall for the quick brief and goodbye. We then went through all of the vendor booths outside the auditorium and watched the next groups exit the auditorium distraught...
  6. shock-n-awe

    Portal access for parent

    So an NFL team comprised of all grown men is suported by an entire staff of coaches, trainers, etc. They are given instructions, told what plays to execute, what to eat , how to train and a ton of other things. After years of playing the game they still need all of that support to be the best...
  7. shock-n-awe

    Letters vs notecards for BCT

    Definitely this. We also had everyone at HS graduation party fill out a notecard writing support and then we sent a couple of them out intermittently during Beast. This will be appreciated.
  8. shock-n-awe

    Walk On Sports

    Reminds of a time WAY back playing Pushball. The competitiveness between Companies was brutal. But the stories, memories and beers after was great!
  9. shock-n-awe

    Health insurance

    Kept my Cadet on our policy at least the first year. I can’t remember when I took him off. It was mostly for the purpose of continuity of coverage in the event he were to separate for some unknown reason Looking back, I’m thinking our private insurance may not have covered anything for him...
  10. shock-n-awe

    Current Plebe AMA

    Don’t run in your boots! Walk/ruck to break them in. Be certain they fit properly, are laced properly, and wear good (dry) socks. Don’t do your first walk/ruck for ten miles, begin gradually. You will not be running in your boots in the future so don’t do it now …..
  11. shock-n-awe

    Police record check form

    Depending on how long your rap sheet is….
  12. shock-n-awe

    Received TWE on Wednesday despite being principal nomination, still passionate about USAFA - Not sure what else to do.

    Have you confirmed that you were deemed fully qualified by admissions? If you are not 3Q, thus the TD is justified and TBE. You can only get that answer from admissions, not your MOC. Check with them and then you will know with certainty and can move on.
  13. shock-n-awe

    Are USMA Admission Information Meetings useful?

    You will see all different kinds of attire on display. DS attended the All Academies Day event 3 or 4 times and always wore a suit. The face to face contact with the SA and MOC individuals is invaluable imo. This was never a “chance me” for DS but great Q&A as well as guidance on what they are...
  14. shock-n-awe

    Tell me what this means! VP nom after a turn down in February?!

    Sorry to hear the VP NOM to WP didn’t turn into an Appointment. The FFS is a great opportunity and worth celebrating. Congratulations! It sure seems strange that WP would offer a rare VP NOM so late in the game to someone they don’t Appoint. Class building mystery number 1,000,001…..
  15. shock-n-awe

    Questions about broken bones in the past

    DS broke his collarbone in 7th grade. Had a plate and screws permanently installed. Went on to be 3 sport athlete in HS with zero problems. When SA application time came and after reading about others experiences here on SAF, we decided to be proactive. Scheduled appointment with the surgeon...
  16. shock-n-awe

    Appointment question

    The turn down of a fully qualified candidate with a Principal Nomination to USAFA would seem it can only boil down to a few of the unknowns. The LORs did not reflect well, the essay wasn’t received well or the interview was disqualifying. There isn’t much else to factor. It’s unfortunate, but...
  17. shock-n-awe

    Why are academically qualified candidates receiving Falcon Foundation Scholarships?

    It is becoming more clear that USAFA is using FF partially as a place for high achieving candidates that don’t fit in the current class. I can see pros and cons to this. Without knowing what all goes into the recipe for current and future class building I will hold my judgement. For context, DS...
  18. shock-n-awe

    Advice? Or is it too late at this point?

    These are some very judgmental and presumptuous observations. Without knowing the Appointees actual medical condition, and what the military standards are it’s impossible to claim someone is medically disqualified. We have to trust the process. This reminds me of the parents who look at the...
  19. shock-n-awe

    What are some tips to get into West Point?

    Get familiar with the acronyms, there are many….. Search SAF for past threads on the information you seek. There is a ton of great information already posted about almost any question you could think of asking. Having said that don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are starting the admissions...