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    Protramid per diem

    this is why the Mids need to know about and use the San Diego Trolley System. The Trolley runs several lines and goes to most places downtown, down to South Bay, and out East County. It can get them pretty close to where they may want to go and then they can Uber from there and it will be much...
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    Herndon 2016

    what is the link...can't find it anywhere?
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    May 1st!

    DS was placed on the Class 2019 wait list and didn't receive TWE until June 1st...hang in there and best to you.
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    Worried about running...

    just some words of wisdom and encouragement about your best..take it slow and make sure you get yourself a good pair of running shoes and run on pavement not the HS track! Pavement is where you will run/chop at USNA so to keep from getting the shin splints the first few
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    One Month Down - 45 days to go!

    TWE==Thin White Envelope (most often a turn down letter) Check out the thread that list some if not all of the military lingo.
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    GONAVYLa--what Parish are in from? I am from La--Livingston Parish.
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    Finally...a phone call

    ProudofourSon...Congratulations! and welcome aboard
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    CVW Email Questions

    I second what EOD/SEALmom and ca2midwesternmom has said. If possible, your DD should try to attend a CVW (and you too) It is a great one on one with a Plebe and a more direct insight in "a day in the life of a Plebe" and for parents, it is a great way to have some of your questions answered.
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    When to apply for self prep?

    Row2020, can you PM me.
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    Glee Club

    I thought I had major goosebumps and "proudparent" moment when my DS sang in the Vatican (Rome) and St Patrick's Catherdal (Dublin) as a memeber of his HS Honor Choir, I can't even grasp what the feeing would be like to hear him sing with the USNA Men's Glee Club and singing the Navy Hymn or the...
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    Sad mom moment - DS & baseball

    Laurantwins, I DS begin his HS years just having moved in from another state and the one thing his dad and I told him..we didn't care which sport (outside of football..didn't have the body type for it) he just needed to be in one. We wanted him to learn about comittment. The...
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    Class of 2020 USNA Appointment Thread

    1)Letsdothis/DS/Jan 20th Appointment and Acceptance/VA-07 Congressional Nom 2)MABlue/Jan 22nd Appointment(notaccepted yet)/MA-03 Congressional Nom 3) MWM2016/October 20 Appointment ( notacccepted yet)/NJ-03 Presidential Nom 4)NavyMom19/DS (reapp) Jan 20th Appointment and Acceptance/CA-50...
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    2020 Appointments

    Congratulations to all who have received their appointments and here's to keeping great positive thoughts for those that are still waiting. Not sure if now is a good time since there are only a few appointments coming in but for those that are on the board, maybe an actual appointment thread...
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    Sending in transcripts

    DH2015, first semester college transcripts have to be "official" so the best way to send them to the USNA is via the college. There should be info on college website or student portal on how to do this.
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    Well it's finally official!

    Congrulations Coach62 to your DS and to you and your family!! What a wonderful pre New Year's gift! In our household we are playing it "cool" while waiting...enjoying our holiday time with DS a college reapp with everything in and complete. Again, congrats!
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    What does "Congress/Senator 2" mean

    "Congress/Senator 2" showed up on my DS CIS portal and we are all wondering what this means especially the "#2" Can someone please help with this.
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    TWE scare....

    Fast505, my DS got a TWE last week here at our home (he is away at college) and he had me open it (me thinking it could be a LOA :-)) and it turned out to be a USNA Admissions Flyer for an upcoming Admissions Forum in our area. My heart was beating fast for a few hours until I got permission...
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    NOVA Sponsor Family

    be really nice when they finally get the Metro out to Dulles...I think it has only gone to Whiele Ave. We also have a cousin that lives in Baltimore so DS will be covered with places to go in those times when he can't fly home.
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    NOVA Sponsor Family

    thank you all for your responses..very helpful information. Getting the cart before the horse here, however just wanted to get a feel for what might be exceptable. I know all about that DC/VA/MD traffice as we used to live there out near Dulles airport and DH worked near DC. We made trips to...
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    NOVA Sponsor Family

    As I watched the Class of 2019 Plebes have the doors shut behind them today, I got to thinking about my DS who is a reapp for the Class of 2020 and what it will be like for my him (yes I am thinking very positive here) when he has liberty to get away from The Yard or for those Holidays when he...