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    AFA prep school questions

    Thank you for your answers, very helpful! I received an email from my DS's school regarding an award assembly honoring students that will be entering the military, attending a military academy, or an ROTC college program. Does he qualify for this since he will be attending the prep ? I am not...
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    Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Crickets in NJ ....
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    Appointments from NWL

    I know that this was probably asked before; but if you're considered for the prep school does that usually come with a twe or at a later date?
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    NJ appointments

    Are you guys from NJ?
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    NJ appointments

    Thank you ! The wait is overwhelming! Congrats to everyone that has received appointments !
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    NJ appointments

    Hello- I have been reading these forums and have learned so much! I was wondering if anyone has been appointed or received any word from South Jersey? My daughter is awaiting word, and seeing all of these posts have us somewhat discouraged that she received her MOC's nomination. Do you think...