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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    retired military allergist? How does one go about finding a retired military allergist? If we contact DoDMERB, will they send us the results of all his tests? We'd like to know, especially about the allergen specific blood test.
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    clarification Craig, you said "if they don't ask you . . . do bring it up." Is that what you meant to say? I have sent an email to the man that everyone refers to as THE answer man, Larry Mullen, at DoDMERB. Hopefully he can help me, if he hasn't retired by now :-). Thanks
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    Update on medical status Well, we submitted a letter from our doctor, then had to follow up with an allergen specific blood test. After they got the results of that, they dq'd him for "a history of systemic allergic reaction to food or additives." That was, obviously, very disappointing...
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    Applying for the VP Nomination

    I'm a little confused on the process for applying for the VP nomination. This is what I understand: You go online to and fill out the online application. You send in letters of recommendation directly to the Air Force Academy. That's about all I could learn from
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    transcript request

    I just want to add, I only found this forum after my DS decided he was really interested in applying to the Academy late in his junior year. We didn't know what the application process would entail; all the forms, evaluations, essays, etc. So we couldn't prepare teachers ahead of time. I think...
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    transcript request

    I think you can own it to a certain extent, but we're waiting on, for instance, my DS's 11th grade math teacher to go online and fill out the evaluation. We emailed him over the summer, finally found him the first week of school, he has the invitation letter in hand, but he still hasn't done the...
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    remedials Thanks, everyone. I just talked to the hospital medical records department, and they said if it was something other than a birth record more than 10 years old, they didn't keep the records. So I'm going to go with meeting with our doctor, who has known my son since birth, and have him...
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    Thank you, usafa18parent. I have received the letter. I think it's amusing that they are having us fill out the head injury questionnaire when it was simply two sets of stitches that just happened to be in his head, all before he was even school age, I think. I'll be calling the medical records...
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    Canidate questionarre

    From what I understand from my DS's process, after he filled out the questionnaire, he was considered a "Prospect." After that, they considered him "competitive," and now he's a full on "candidate" or, really "pre candidate" since he doesn't have a nomination yet. I would guess someone could be...
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    Remedials required for things that occurred years ago

    Hi, all, My DS just received notice that he needs to provide remedials for a couple of things that he hasn't had an issue with for years and years. One is childhood asthma that hasn't affected him for 9 years, one is food allergies that he has not received medical treatment for except when he...
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    2018 Class Profile

    Involved ALO "I'm not the perfect ALO, just a passionate one" Colonel Steve, I wish we could choose our ALOs. My DS's doesn't seem very interested in getting to know him. I know they're all different, I'm just hoping his interest will kick in soon. We've already been told that it's not the...
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    Extra recommendation letters?

    Recommendation letters There's an address and fax number online in all the information in the candidate kit.
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    Follow up to the interview questions I keep reading about an ALO interview, and then I see on the application page that my DS will need to do a drug and alcohol counseling session with the ALO. Are they one and the same?
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    Sports Advice

    special consideration What I haven't seen anyone mention in their replies is that the Air Force Academy, at least, will give special consideration to those whose school doesn't offer sports or to those who have jobs after school. It says so right in the candidate package. We paid special...