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  1. Ihavenoidea

    Questions to Ask AFROTC/Space Force ROTC Recruiting Coordinator?

    Are you looking for specific questions that you can ask that will help you get a scholarship? They way you are wording your post it seems that way. If you are, then there is no such questions to ask. Ask questions about something you are interested to learn more. You have a opportunity to...
  2. Ihavenoidea

    NROTC NSI Assignment

    You don’t need a copy with you went you get to base. They will have it all handled. Wouldn’t hurt to have it, but don’t need it
  3. Ihavenoidea

    Where's Waldo: A beach town/ hotel between VA Beach VA and Outer Banks NC that costs less than my mortgage payment to visit.

    AAHHHHHHH.... I figured it was something that was common knowledge to some(most) now, I just couldn't think for the life of me what it was. I thought it might of been something at the test facility up that way. I remember hearing the testing when I was a kid at the beach. My Grandfather...
  4. Ihavenoidea

    Where's Waldo: A beach town/ hotel between VA Beach VA and Outer Banks NC that costs less than my mortgage payment to visit.

    I love inside jokes/secret; I'd like to be apart of one someday........for the Office fans
  5. Ihavenoidea

    Spironolactone Medication

    I was hoping Capt MJ would post. This is what I wanted to write above, but didn't have the background. Follow This!!
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    ROTC Scholarships + Additional

    There is about 100 different variables that can affect if one scholarship will supersede the NROTC. Is the school scholarship merit based or need based? Can it be applied to tuition, room and board, both? Depends on the school...private, public. The list goes on and on. Your best bet is to...
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    Spironolactone Medication

    I don't know for sure. I do know that any real changes in your medical history has to be reported to DoDMERB and/or USNA. That can effect your appointment. In reading this forum, I have read that it is easier to deal with SOME medical issues after I-Day than it is before. Notice I said SOME...
  8. Ihavenoidea

    Where's Waldo: A beach town/ hotel between VA Beach VA and Outer Banks NC that costs less than my mortgage payment to visit.

    Depends on how strict you are with your driving and what your looking for. If you looking for more river/ bay vibe, you could look at Gloucester Point(just East of Williamsburg), or even Cape Charles on Eastern Shore. Cape Charles would add about a hour to your drive each way. You do get to...
  9. Ihavenoidea

    Pre NSI Haircut

    Your haircut is fine, and it will be buzzed completely when you get there. Super long hair can get you some extra attention, but that candidate would also loose that feeling of getting it all cut off all at once....A "this is getting real" moment. It is a personal choice for each candidate...
  10. Ihavenoidea

    NROTC - December graduation and service selection

    I believe selection for early graduates is still in the Fall senior year. I do know that Dec SWO grads have ship selection early(Nov I think), so I don’t think early grads have it earlier than other seniors. Hopefully someone will be able to confirm
  11. Ihavenoidea

    NROTC Life: How to plan family travel

    Your recent quote is completely different from what you wrote earlier today. Almost to the point of trying to change the narrative. Herman_Snead is not calling you a liar or mischaracterizing your words. You wrote the above statements about your son on a public forum, and now you don't like...
  12. Ihavenoidea

    NROTC Life: How to plan family travel

    This is a way over the top reaction to missing a birthday party. I agree that these MIDNs are adults; therefore, they can make there own decisions about where they want to go and how they get there. They can also deal with the pros and cons of that decision. Wither we like that decision or...
  13. Ihavenoidea

    ⭐️ Countdown To Commissioning 2024 💫

    The female announcer calling the names has a future in announcing boxing matches. The male is not doing bad, but he is not in her league.
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    Wow - Impact on SA sports recruits just got interesting

    I suspect that Title IX will be more loosely applied if they go this route. Maybe base payment on the revenue generated by each sport? IDK. I think that it is time to reconsider if these players are "Student Athletes" if they are making significant money in this proposed plan. They are not...
  15. Ihavenoidea

    NROTC Life: How to plan family travel

    File this under VERY useful information....Thank you!
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    NROTC and Seabees Scholarships

    A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush. Really focus on CORTRAMID to see many options available to you through NROTC. Yes working with the CEC as a Civil Engineer major would be ideal, but going with another community and performing well can open the same doors after you get out of the Navy...
  17. Ihavenoidea

    Changes to SA Nominations

    I agree that is the case now and I am fine with that, but some have mentioned the desire that more competitive districts have more appointments. These districts are in highly populated areas, so my question above was how do you allow more appointments in competitive districts without...
  18. Ihavenoidea

    NROTC Life: How to plan family travel

    This is the new normal for NROTC parents. If anyone is like my family. We have champagne dreams on a beer budget when it comes to vacations. We use to be able to plan ahead of time and search out deals and off season bargains. When the kids hit high school, that became harder since missing...
  19. Ihavenoidea

    Changes to SA Nominations

    I'm not disagreeing with you, but if you have 100 Freshman from NY, and 1 from Idaho. Is Idaho really being represented? Not saying that is how it is at your school, but those published stats are often more for marketing and admissions rather than showing active attempts to make a class...
  20. Ihavenoidea

    Changes to SA Nominations

    My apologies for inadvertently including them in the no nom mention in my post. I have edited my post to correct it.