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    Sea Year Gyms

    You can always try and get on a Prepo ship at Diego Garcia. That is where a lot of football players tend to go in order to maximize their gym time.
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    Nomination source question

    If you plan to send them a 22 page document I would include a reference to the specific page you want to draw their attention to. Make it as easy on them as you possibly can.
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    Always call the Old Man when in doubt on the bridge

    The sugar run, also for Matson. It was one of my cadet ships and if not for other life choices I would have just camped out doing that for a sailing career and been very happy.
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    Post Graduation Travel

    If travel is important to you than a shoreside job right out of school likely won't support that. Service Obligation: If you are IRR than it's only two weeks a year and most employers have a separate leave category for that so its a non issue. If you are SELRES it is your weekends so that...
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    Thank you for aging me, I guess I am no longer a graduate of "recent times". Oh well ... the grey in the beard was already telling me that but I had so far refused to listen. For the record ... I was recognized in mid-February.
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    Commissioning Marine Corps/NSW

    My point was about the opportunity to go, not the probability of completion.
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    Commissioning Marine Corps/NSW

    The surest way to get an opportunity to attend BUD/s is to enlist in the Navy under an NSW contract.
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    USMMA public information

    They are afraid if you knew the truth you wouldn't go.
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    USMMA public information

    Most alumni references include only four letters so be prepared for a lot of that too. As was said to me when I was home for Christmas plebe year ... "it's not so much that you said it that bothers me, but the ease with which it came out of your mouth.".
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    Cadet shipping on Crowley ATBs

    An internship can't be used as sea days if you are working in the office. If the Academy allows you to count time on an ATB in excess of your 330 than yes your internship can count for sea days. If you have that many days than it would likely be the just a matter of the logistics of getting...
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    Cadet shipping on Crowley ATBs

    Deck or Engine? You can but it may be limiting to your ability to sit for license exams. For deck, ATBs count as 1 for 2 time towards an unlimited tonnage license. 1 day of sea service for 2 days on board so 90 days on board only gets you 45 days towards your 360. 46 CFR 11.211(d) Service...
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    Deck or Engine

    Engine is the harder curriculum, Deck has harder license exams. Most important is to pick what you like to study. It is an extremely tough road if you don’t like your classes. You can have a very successful shoreside career in the maritime no matter which you choose, however it is true that...
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    USMMA vs all Academies

    ^^^ This To get the Navy Pension you need 50 points a year. Being in the SSO program alone doesn't quite get you there, a couple of correspondence courses a year is all it takes to make the 50 and get the pension. Never let your license fully expire. If you don't plan to renew it, at least...
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    Gradschool after KP

    You only need the waiver if you want to go full time in lieu of sailing. If you go part time while you sail then no waiver is needed. USMMA does not have a specific grad school program like the other service academies because the Merchant Marine is not a full time service like the services the...
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    Cool Jobs outta KP

    Auditing in the maritime industry is related to the International Safety Management code. The ISM Code is essentially the maritime equivalent of ISO 9001. It came out of an accident on board a RO/RO ferry in Europe where the incident and its 193 deaths were traced to an individual not...
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    Class unofficial mottos

    Or when you meet a fellow alumni for the first time and it's immediately like you have been best friends for decades.
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    USMMA vs all Academies

    Add academy burnout to the list of pull factors.
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    Question's and answers that might help

    ding ding ding ... we have a winner. He tried to fail me because I missed a lab while I was in the infirmirary after having my appendix out. I went to the department head and he changed it to an incomplete and told me to make do the lab with another class. I waited till 1/C to do it, me and...
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    Question's and answers that might help

    I did not have the pleasure of Black Mac. I still have Hubert's book on my bookshelf. Can't recall my circuits professor but he was torture. Dude was clearly brilliant, just struggled to effectively teach what he obviously knew well. Only guy in my section that got above a C had worked with...
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    Question's and answers that might help

    Highly underrated because he was not easy. The biggest hurdle for most was the time available for tests. Once I figured out how to do my FBD most efficiently I was able to do the tests in the same amount of time he did. Of course that was the second time I took his class and the difference...