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    Army OML for commissioning

    I have a PPT with all the statistics and a percentage breakdown of OML. PM Inbound.
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    Simultaneous Membership Program

    I found the national guard forums were quiet helpful and had a lot of information about SMP if you use the search function.
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    My school has no scholarship funds right now?

    I'm also a MS1 and am in the same boat! I was told if I came in last year I would most definitely have a scholarship. Apparently what happened was Army expected a certain % of the scholarship winners to accept the scholarships based off past numbers. Due to the economy a larger % accepted...
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    Class of 2013- applications up by 50%

    I credit John McCain.
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    cvw April 16-18?

    I'm here right now!! PM me your info.
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    Is it true that they offer out Foundation Scholarships that have all the benefits of the program minus paying for the prep school?
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    Is there a NROTC version of SMP?
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    If I were to join Army ROTC and participate in SMP, would that lessen my chances for a USNA Appointment? Or would that be considered the same as NROTC participation?
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    I would not recommend going taking the ACT the day after coming home. When I was there, I hardly got any sleep due to spirit missions and defending myself against other company's spirit missions. Keep in mind, there are other ACT dates that you can sign up for throughout the year. One thing I...
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    How was the weather? Cali boy over here.. I don't think I have any clothes for the cold.
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    And so the journey ends....

    Well I did some research for the options given and wanted to share a little with you guys. I spoke to two OSOs in my area regarding PLC. Apparently the minimum age is 17, but you need to have at least one semester of a full college coursework to apply. Even if you apply, you are not guaranteed...
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    And so the journey ends....

    I am seriously considering this route. If only I could convince Foundation to give me a sponsorship or something of that sort. Is it possible or must I be offered it?
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    And so the journey ends....

    Thank You I am grateful for the words of encouragement. The part of it that caught me by absolute surprise was the fact that I was not offered NAPS or even Foundation. I also do feel somewhat selfish for still attending CVW.. and did feel some hesitation coming from my Regional Officer that...
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    And so the journey ends....

    I called in this morning to the admissions office to check in on my application status and was told that I was to receive that white thin envelope. My Regional Officer mentioned the record amount of applications for this year and some people who were refereed to NAPS having a 800 SAT in any...
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    New USNA Mission Statement

    Will 13' have to be memorizing this new one for Plebe Summer?
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    Ah, thank you. Fortunately, I did not run into any of those types at NASS. I'm sorry your son had to deal with such a character.
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    Pre-CVW Sleepover?

    I sure will!! Thank You!!
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    Pre-CVW Sleepover?

    I'll try :) Everyone, thank you for your advice... it really helped.
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    Is there an example you can give us? I'm a little curious/concerned.
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    I hope you get this weekend!! Someone may have dropped out.. etc. give it a try